YouTube Shorts Launched in India: Top Features

YouTube has finally launched a new TikTok competitor, known as YouTube Shorts. As its name suggests, this is a short video creating platform like TikTok in which users can create short video clips of up to 15 seconds.

After TikTok ban in India, TikTok users was looking for a new short video creation platform. To solve this problem and to take the place of TikTok, they launch YouTube shorts on 15 September, 2020 (Tuesday) in India.

YouTube Shorts Features

In an announcement, Google explains that YouTube Shorts consists of new camera features and a few editing tools to edit the short videos. User can record their short video upto 15 seconds and these videos can be seen on the homepage of YouTube app.

You can watch shorts videos on the YouTube homepage in a dedicated section named shorts. Users just need to swipe up to watch next short video. There’s all features of a standard YouTube video for example- like, dislike, share and comment.

YouTube Shorts will expand to other countries very soon and YouTube will also add new features for the creation of videos.

How to create videos on TikTok shorts?

This is a beta version of YT shorts, this means only beta users of YouTube can get its access. But if you are not a beta user, you can still use YouTube Shorts, do you want to know how? Keep reading this article.

You just need to shoot a vertical video of duration less than 60 seconds and upload it on YouTube with hashtag #shorts tag in the title or description. That’s it, your video will start appearing in YouTube Shorts.

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My thoughts

YT shorts is a good competitor of TikTok, Instagram Reels, MX TakaTak, MoJo, Vigo, Vmate, Trailer and a lot of short video making platforms.

TikTok was the most used short video platform but it was a Chinese app and it got ban in India. But YouTube shorts is not a Chinese app, it is a product of Google. Users can completely trust on this and not need to worry about their privacy.

Instagram is now a very strong competitor of YouTube shorts and also has a large userbase like the YouTube. So can YT shorts be the next most popular shot video creation platform, like the TikTok was before? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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