Android 10 Features: Everything you need to know

Android 10, the new version of Android, which comes with many new features. So, do you know what is this Android 10 and what are its features? If no, then this article is going to be very informative for you.

In 2019, mobile innovation has become more powerful than ever before, where new technologies such as 5G, edge to edge displays and even foldable screens have come for the use of people. In such a situation, Andorid is at the center of this innovation cycle.

At the same time, Android is now helping everyone to remove the boundries of hardware and software and providing new experiences and capabilities to users.

Every year Google creates such new Android version, like this time Andorid is going to build Android 10. Many new features have also been added, about which we are going to know further.

What is Android 10?

Google has released the latest Android 10. It is the 10th version of Android Operating System. After Android P, many new features have been added to it and keeping in mind the safety and security of the users.

Here we are going to give you information about some new features of Andorid 10, which you are going to look forward in Google’s next-gen mobile operating system.

1. Better Permissions Controls

We will get to see many changes in Android 10. Many permissions controls have been revamped in Android 10. Now Andorid 10 users have better control, specially when it comes to the control of location data.

Now users have the ability to share the location as per their choice with apps, they can do it in three ways: – “never,” “only when the app is open,” or “always.” It is very similar to iOS but one step ahead. Users will now have the ability by which they can access their control over shared files.

Now in Android 10, apps need to use the system file picker, which will allow users to decide which files and photos a particular apps can access, without giving apps access to the entire files.

2. Gonna provide support to foldable phones?

Android has quickly adopted the foldable phone trend. Google is working on how to use support foldables natively in Andorid, and now this support is coming in Android 10.

There are also some special improvements coming in how to resize apps and also add support for better multiple-display app switching.

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3. Faster sharing

The sharing feature in Andorid was always very slow – and Google also confirmed that it is going to improve with the Android 10 update.

Now in Android 10, Google has added “Sharing Shortcuts” which will help users to jump directly into the app so that they can share any content, such as a file or photo. In this case, now users can share directly by removing the slow-to-load sharing menu.

4. Built-in screen recording

This was a very requested features by Android, built-in screen recording, it is now live in the update of Android 10. It is functional and allows you to natively record a video of your screen, along with providing an optional voiceover and visual indicators.

5. In-app settings panel

Now in Android 10, users can easily and quickly toggle the setting which is related to apps.

For example, you can easily toggle within Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity from within a web browser, this means that you don’t have to navigate to the Settings menu for this. So accessing the up settings has become very easy.

6. System-wide dark mode

Since when users were requesting for this dark mode, but Google was repeatedly avoiding to bring this thing in further updates. But now the wait is probably over and we can get a system-wide dark mode in this update.

According to the sources, a new option is available in the display settings, which is being called “Set Dark mode”. When it is enabled, a dark theme is expected to appear in full settings, launcher, volume control, and everywhere.

There is also another toggle in developer settings that is being called “override force-dark” and when it is turned on, any apps that do not have their own built-in dark mode will be overridden.

While some apps of android have their own native dark mode, such as Google News, Messages, Google Contacts, and Google Phone, it is not yet clear how this dark mode is going to work with it. So far, Google has not even mentioned anything about the dark mode.

6. Depth formats for photos

For cameras with multiple lenses, when they take a photo, the depth information is stored in that photo itself – and now in Android 10, apps can also request those information.

This means that users can now edit certain things if they want, such as bokeh and blur from different apps in a photo – it is going to be very handy in those apps which are specially made for photo editing.

7. New theming options

This thing of Android makes it special that it can be completely customized to its fullest extent, while in Android 10, we can get to see something like this exciting.

Now we can change the color of our entire UI in this new update. For now there are some default colors like blue, green, purple, and black.

8. Better privacy protections in Android

Android is designed keeping security and privacy in mind. As Android became mature, it included many features to protect users, such as file-based encryption. OS controls, that required permission before acessing some sensitive resources, locking down camera / mic background access, encrypted backups, Google Play Protect (which scans around 50 billion apps daily and keeps us away from potentially harmful apps) and more.

9. Users now have more control over the location

In Android 10, this OS provides a lot of control over the users location, where earlier apps used to ask us permission for everyone only once, while now we can give permission to apps whenever and how long they want. To use maps or location.

10. More privacy protections in the new Android 10

With Location Control, Android is now bringing more transparency to its updates, while it is providing control to users and simultaneously securing their personal data. In Android 10, the OS is providing even more control to its users over their apps, as well as access control over shared files.

11. Third Party Camera apps 

On clicking photo from third party apps, Android 10 will give the user the best photo quality. With the new OS, users can control the depth, you can set Bokeh less and more accordingly.

12. Audio-Video Format: 

The new version of Android will support the open source video codec AV1. This means that high-quality video content and video can be seen in many formats.

13. Alert Option: 

In the new operating system, tapping any app for a while will show important informations like blocking notifications.

14. Desktop Mode in Android 10

You will be able to connect your phone to the desktop. However, not much information has been received about this yet, but this feature will make users very comfortable.


I hope you have liked this article about Android 10. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about Android to the readers, so that they do not have to search in any other sites or internet in the context of that article.

This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write down comments.

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