Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite Review with Pros and Cons

Samsung has launched a lighter version of their Galaxy Tab S6, known as S6 Lite. So is this better than S6? Lets know in this Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite review.

Do you guys remember how tablets were supposed to be our laptop replacements. Well this right here is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 lite and unlike the pricier and more expensive Tab 6, this does not claim to do that.

It does not come with the fancy dex mode or even a very powerful processor to help you juggle multiple excel sheets at once. Instead, this tablet focuses on the basics and it actually gets a lot of them.

So, should you buy one of this? Well let’s find out in this full review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Box contents:

1. Galaxy Tab S6 Lite handset
2. Sim eject pin
3. Free S-Pen
4. Regular slow charger
5. Type-C cable
6. Paper work

Design and Build

Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Design and Build

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite is a watered-down variant of the company’s flagship tab S6. If there’s one department where the company has got absolutely no corners, it is undoubtedly in the design department. the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite has been constructed entirety using metal and it feels incredibly premium to hold.

The back of the tablet offers a stunning matte finish which is soft to touch and it doesn’t show fingerprints or smudges easily. Also much like the flagship Tab S6, Samsung has rounded off the corners on the S6 lite, making it more comfortable to grip from the edges as the corners.

Despite its premium build the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite is quite lightweight. So holding it upright with two hands is not going to give you any risk. Also at just 7mm thin, this is actually slimmer than Oneplus 8. So it won’t take a lot of space in your backpack either.

Now talking about the placement of the ports and the buttons, the tab Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite offers a usb type-c port at the bottom and you get a bundled 7.75W charging brick with the device. Towards the right of the tablet you’ll find the power button which also doubles up as a bixby button.

The buttons felt adequately tactile, however have been positioned a little too high for my liking. So reaching them while using the tablet in portrait mode is a bit of a awkward. Now moving on, there is a micro-SD card below the power button which will let you increase your storage up to 1TB and up top you’ll find a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Also there are two variants of the Tab S6 Lite, LTE and Non-LTE. If you get the LTE model you’ll find a hybrid sim slot.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite / Credit: TechRadar

Unfortunately there’s no fingerprint sensor on board and while you do get facial recognition with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite. You also get a brand new S-Pen with the Galaxy Tab S6 lite which unlike the other S-Pens, does not come with support for bluetooth.

So you do miss out on a couple of features but it still does most of the things you’d expect an S-Pen to do. So you can just down notes and doodle using it and the overall experience of using the stylus is very refined too. Thanks to its lightweight design and the tab Galaxy Tab S6 lite has excellent palm rejection.

You can take notes with the display turned off too with stylus and when you’re done, the stylus neatly clips magnetically to the right hand side of the Tab S6 lite.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite Review : Display

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite Display Review

Display wise, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite comes with a 10.4 inch FHD+ TFT display which honestly is a little disappointing from the brand. In fact to my knowledge the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is the only tablet in this range to come with an TFT display and not opt for a super amoled display.

Naturally you’ll miss out on the deep blacks offered by an amoled panel, which in turn takes away from the movie watching experience.

Now don’t get me wrong this screen on the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite isn’t all that bad and it does offer a fantastic media consumption experience too owing to its stellar viewing angles. But I would have liked to see an amoled display here on the Tab S6 Lite.

Thankfully the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is widevine L1 certified. So you will be able to stream all your favorite shows in glorious HD resolution. The bezels surrounding the display have just the right amount of thickness too, allowing you to grip the tablet without making the display feel too boxed.

Also since it is an TFT panel, it does get quite bright. So outdoor visibility should not be an issue either on the whole the display on the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is quite good.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Performance Review

Specs wise, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite features the in-house exynos 9611 processor which works alongside 4GB of ram and 64GB of built-in user expandable storage.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite Geekbench scores
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite Geekbench scores

Yes that is the same processor that powers companies mid-range sub 15,000 rupees smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy A31, Galaxy A51. But before you guys get your pitchforks out allow me to make a case for the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite performance.

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is first and foremost not geared towards heavy usage and from my experience, the tablet didn’t show any signs of struggle with moderate multitasking involving 6 to 7 apps open in the background.

Even with two apps open in split screen or the notepad overlaid on top of chrome or youtube, I didn’t notice the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite stopped to catch its breath.

Now I know a lot of you are in the way to find an affordable tablet to use 4 finger claw grip on games like PUBG and Call of Duty and well you can run the game on the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite too. But I would advise you to play PUBG on smooth and extreme for the best possible experience.

Audio Performance

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite ships with a dual speaker setup which once again is a step down from the tab S6’s quad speaker setup. Still the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite didn’t leave me wanting for more in this department and I was completely satisfied with the tablet’s audio performance.

The stereo separation of the speaker unit is fantastic and they get very loud too ensuring the dialogues were always audible. The output from the headphone jack was to my liking as well.


Now Software wise, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite boots the company’s One UI 2 on top of android 10. Now if you are coming from a Samsung phone, then you will feel right at home here and besides the added functionality of the S-Pen there’s nothing new here.

Galaxy Tab S6 Lite S Pen
Galaxy Tab S6 Lite S Pen

Now that being said, the tablet is running June security patch from google and it offers all the stable android features like a built-in dark mode, navigational gestures and split screen view, which you can toggle by going into your multitasking tray, tapping on the apps icon and then selecting split view.

While you’re getting One UI 2 onboard here along with Android 10. Now one thing that worries me a little bit about the software here is the software updates.

These tablets don’t get updated as frequently as surface or iPad competitors out there. So if you’re looking for tablets to get updated very very frequently this is probably gonna be one of the worst options. So don’t expect software updates first in line.

The software of Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is very much like a Galaxy phone. If you like Galaxy phones and you just want to increase your productivity on the bigger display, you’ll definitely like Tab S6 Lite.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Camera Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite camera review
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite camera review

You’ll also get a 5MP front camera with the device which can be used for video calls. Also, there is an 8MP sensor towards the back of the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite which I feel is an unnecessary addition to a Tab S6 Lite.

How often are you going to snap a photo with the rear camera on this?

Samsung should have spend money where it counts like by offering an AMOLED display or more storage. A lot of you guys must be reading this video on a smartphone and you would be wondering that do I even need a tablet?

To be honest with you, not really!

For the most part your phone’s 6 inch display is enough for watching videos on youtube or movies.

But let me ask you a couple of questions.

  • How many times did your phone buzz you for an incoming notification?
  • How many times did you actually have to leave what you were watching online to reply to a whatsapp forward?

That is why i like the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite because this thing offered me an unobtrusive media consumption experience. Also it’s very hard to come by a phone which comes with both dual stereo speakers as well as a headphone jack.

Battery and Charging

Coming to the battery life, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite comes with a 7040 mah cell which easily lasts you 2 days of a single charge. Which involving a lot of streaming on netflix, some casual gaming, and a little bit of web browsing.

Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Battery Capacity comparison
Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Battery Capacity comparison

The battery life is pretty amazing on this tablet, you’ll get over 11 hours of battery life and that’s straight usage that’s not just the device being off and on. You could use this thing for like over 11 hours and then it will finally die.

So this is definitely an all-day device right here and apart of the reason why I think this is because it’s not the fastest it doesn’t have the sharpest display, it’s not OLED and stuff like that. So I just think that because of lower performance, lower specifications, you’re getting better battery life on this device.

Now even if you push the tablet to its limits, you’ll be able to drain the battery completely in a day. While the battery life on the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is great, the charging speeds aren’t. The 7.75W brick took over three hours to refuel the tablet completely.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite Price in India

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite starts at 27,000 Rs. for the wi-fi only variant. The LTE variant is going to set you back 32,000 Rs. he Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite is available in three different hues of Chiffon Pink, Angora Blue and oxford grey. With the gray color it’s just a more subtle

Now for this asking price, the Galaxy Tab S6 lite does a lot of things. It offers a very good media consumption experience, reasonably good performance and a very stylish design. Now honestly, at this price, I don’t really think there is any valid competition for the Galaxy Tab S6 lite.

I mean you could get the 2019 iPad with a 10 inch display but that only comes with 32GB of non-expandable memory. So for its asking price if you are in the market for an affordable android tablet, you should get the Galaxy Tab S6 lite.

There are some flaws, but this thing does more right than wrong. So that said, if you act quick, then you can actually pick up the tab S5e which is just a mud superior tablet. It’s currently going for a price of 25,000 on reliance digital’s e-commerce portal.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Review: Verdict


1. Sleek and aesthetically design
2. Comes with a free S-Pen
3. Dual AKG speakers
4. Headphone jack and USB-C


1. Super sluggish performance
2. TFT Display
3. No fingerprint sensor
4. Doesn’t have a keyboard accessory

This tablet is very customizable, we could cover every feature within this tablet, but if you like Samsung phones, you’ll like this tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite Review

If you want a Samsung tablet with some advanced features, that you don’t get on other tablets like an S-Pen which included right in the box of Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, this can be a great value if you can sacrifice not having the absolute best display on the market.

But still if you want a functional display with good software and you’re not an iPad fan, this one will be strong value for you.

With that my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite review comes to an end. Do let me know in the comments below if you have any questions about this.

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