Samsung Galaxy M51 vs OnePlus Nord

The Galaxy M51 may be the most powerful M series phone yet from Samsung, but can it beat the OnePlus Nord? Well, let’s find out in this Samsung Galaxy M51 vs Oneplus Nord comparison.

Samsung Galaxy M51 box contents:

1. Samsung Galaxy M51 handset
2. 25W charging adapter
3. Type-C cable
4. SIM ejector
5. Paper work

Oneplus Nord box contents:

1. OnePlus Nord handset
2. Warp charge 30T adapter
3. Type-C cable
4. Transparent case
5. SIM ejector
6. Paper work

Galaxy M51 vs OnePlus Nord: Design and Build

Samsung has nailed quite a few aspects of the Samsung Galaxy M51 but unfortunately design isn’t one of them.

To be fair, when you pack a 7000 mAh battery into a phone it has got to be pretty bulky and at over 200g the M51 has a hefty in hand feel. But it is acceptable if we think about that massive 7,000 mAh battery.

In comparison, the OnePlus Nord feels far sleeker and even though it uses corning’s gorilla glass 5 on both to the front as well as the back, it still comes in at just 184g.

Generally we leave design up to you guys but I think this one is fairly cut and the Nord feels more premium, lighter and comes in a nicer looking finish, so the first round is an easy win for Oneplus Nord.

Samsung Galaxy M51 vs OnePlus Nord Design and Build

The M51 comes with a side mounted fingerprint scanner and it is faster compared to the under display unit on the Nord. Oneplus though hits right back with faster face unlock.

One of the main advantages of the M51 is that it comes with a 3.5 mm headphone jack, this is something that the Nord lacks. The Nord though has a better loudspeaker it’s louder and has a more fuller sound.

Speaking of loudspeakers, we tested out cell reception on both devices and there’s no complaints. That said, there is an additional future proofing 5G connectivity feature on the Nord.

Samsung Galaxy M51 vs OnePlus Nord: Display

Moving on to the displays, we have FHD+ amoled panels on both devices. The Galaxy M51 has more screen, thanks to the bigger 6.7 inch infinity O panel on here but the biggest drawback is that it’s just 60 hertz.

Samsung Galaxy M51 vs OnePlus Nord Display

In contrast, the Nord may have the smaller 6.44 inch panel but it supports the higher 90hz refresh rate. So not only does content on the Nord look just as good as any other amoled panel out there, it’s also smoother when it comes to day to day usage.

Although the amoled panel on the M51 is pretty great, but due to 60Hz, it loses this round also. So display wise, I’m gonna go with the Oneplus Nord.

Oneplus Nord vs Samsung Galaxy M51: Performance

Coming to the internals, we have the Snapdragon 765G inside the Oneplus Nord up against the 730G on the Galaxy M51. As the numbers indicate there’s quite a big gulf in performance here.

Samsung Galaxy M51 vs OnePlus Nord - Antutu scores
Samsung Galaxy M51 vs OnePlus Nord – Antutu scores

To be fair, though it’s not that noticeable in day to day tasks but the higher refresh rate means everything on the Nord feels much faster when it comes to the games like Call of Duty Mobile.

The Andreno 620 GPU combined with the 180 Hz touch sampling rate offers a snappier performance across the board. This isn’t a knock against the Andreno 618 GPU inside the M51.

It’s just that for a mobile gamer, the high refresh rate and touch response rate makes a big difference to the gamers.

On the memory and storage side, we are looking at 6 or 8 GB of RAM for both devices. As for the Nord, it pairs it with 64, 128 or 256 GB of UFS 2.1 storage.

Samsung Galaxy M51 vs OnePlus Nord Speed Test

On the other hand the M51 only has a 128 GB option but it does come with a dedicated micro sd card slot. So storage shouldn’t really be an issue here either despite missing out on micro SD slot.

The Oneplus Nord easily beats the Galaxy M51 in all other performance aspects, so it’s no surprise that it ends up with a victory in the performance round also.

OnePlus Nord vs Galaxy M51: Battery and Charging

We have been seeing the Nord win round after round, but when it comes to battery life there’s very few phones that can even stand in the same league as the M51.

The massive 7,000 mAh battery inside it absolutely dwarfs the 4,115 mAh inside the Nord, paired that with a weaker chip and a standard refresh rate display. The M51 crushes the Oneplus Nord when it comes to battery life.

As far as charging goes, Warp charge 30T on the Nord is obviously faster than the 25W fast charger on the M51 after all the difference in capacity makes a huge difference to overall charging times.

OnePlus Nord vs Samsung Galaxy M51 Charging Test

It’s the capacity that wins the Galaxy M51 this round. Here we can have reverse wire charging so we can pretty much use the Galaxy M51 as a power bank it’s been all hardware till now so let’s change tracks and talk about software.

Samsung Galaxy M51 vs OnePlus Nord: Software

On one hand we have the Galaxy M51 running on the feature rich One UI 2.1. Samsung has streamlined the user experience a lot in recent years. They have trim down the gimmicky features and bloatware.

OnePlus Nord vs Samsung Galaxy M51 software experience comparison

But it’s nowhere near how clean Oxygen OS is, in fact a big reason why people love Oneplus devices is because of Oxygen OS, it’s simple and useful. What we have on the Oneplus Nord is stock android with a pinch of Oneplus features thrown in.

Personally I’m a huge fan of OneUI, so i’d had to give the win to Samsung Galaxy M51 in this round. But if Oxygen OS is what floats your boat, then feel free to switch it around.

Samsung Galaxy M51 vs OnePlus Nord cameras Comparison

Samsung Galaxy M51 vs OnePlus Nord camera comparison

Both these phones have quad camera setup to the back but they’re quite different. We have the 48 MP sony IMX586 sensor on the Nord coupled with an optically stabilized f/1.75 lens. On the flip side we get the 64 MP sony IMX682 sensor paired with an f/1.8 lens on the M51.

  • Main camera

As expected under bright light both phones come out with excellent looking snaps. As usual, Samsung has the more vibrant colors even the dynamic range seems to be better on the M51.

It’s managed to bring out so much more details even from the shadowy regions of tree.

  • Low light

When it comes to low light photography, the Nord manages to completely destroy the M51. Optical image stabilization leads to much brighter snaps with better details and less noise on the Nord.

  • Ultra-Wide

Switching over to the ultrawides, Samsung keeps up the good work with the colors, the M51 also takes advantage of the higher 12 MP camera to resolve more details.

Take a look at the bottom trim of the car, the textures are kind of blurred on the 8 MP shot taken on the Nord but they’re clearly visible on the Samsung.

  • Marco

Samsung actually has a better macro camera as well, the 2 MP macro sensor on the Nord is just there to make up the numbers and can’t really match the quality of the 5 MP sensor on the M51.

  • Depth sensor

The 4th and final camera on both devices is a 5 MP depth sensor. Here’s a side by side look at some of the portraits that it managed to capture. Which one do you prefer? Let meknow in the comments.

  • Selfies

Taking a look at the selfies, both these devices MP 32 megapixel sony IMX616 sensors for the primary selfie camera. Pictures captured by them look pretty similar for the most part.

Oneplus Nord has an extra trick up its sleeve, thanks to the secondary 8 MP ultra wide shooter.

  • Videos

When it comes to videos, both phones can shoot at 4k. The detail levels are great but the addition of optical image stabilization on the Oneplus leads to a bit more stable footage. Samsung though still maintains those bright colors.

Both phones can also use EIS plus aggressive anti-shake algorithms to come out with silky smooth footage. Samsung calls it super steady while Oneplus has named it super stable.

Ultimately when it comes to cameras, both phones have their own pros and cons but overall the Samsung Galaxy M51 has managed to impress me more, thanks to the better daylight snaps from the primary, ultra wide and the macro camera.

Samsung Galaxy M51 vs OnePlus Nord: Price in India

RAM / ROMOnePlus NordSamsung Galaxy M51
6GB / 64GB ₹ 24,999N/A
6GB / 128GBN/A₹ 24,999
8GB / 128GB ₹ 27,999₹ 26,999
12GB / 256GB₹ 29,999N/A

Now let’s talk about the price. The Samsung Galaxy M51 begins at ₹ 24,999 for the 6 + 128 GB variant and goes up to ₹ 26,999 for the 8 + 128 GB variant.

On the other hand, the Nord also begins from ₹ 24,999 but the base variant comes with 64 GB less of storage. So 6 + 64 GB and this variant is supposed to arrive this month as an amazon exclusive product.

So right now if you want to get a oneplus Nord, the only option is the 8 + 128 GB at ₹ 27,999. That being said, is it worth waiting for the ₹ 24,999 variant of the Oneplus Nord?

Samsung Galaxy M51 vs OnePlus Nord: Conclusion

OnePlus Nord
Winner: OnePlus Nord

If you want to premium look and feel, a better processor, a higher refresh rate, a cleaner OS and you’re okay with the optics on the Nord, then I’d say it’s definitely worth the wait. Even at ₹ 27,999, the Nord is the better buy compared to the Samsung Galaxy M51.

This isn’t mean that the M51 is a bad phone. It’s actually the first time that samsung has released a fairly powerful mid-ranger but I don’t think most of the people need this much battery capacity.

But if you are not a heavy gamer and if you want the best battery smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy M51 is the best option for you.

Samsung Galaxy M51 vs Oneplus Nord Specifications Comparison

SpecsGalaxy M51Oneplus Nord
Display6.7 inches, FHD+
60Hz, Super Amoled
6.44 inches, FHD+
Fluid Amoled, 90Hz
SoftwareAndroid 10, OneUI 2.0Android 10, OxygenOS 10
GPUQualcomm Snapdragon 730GQualcomm Snapdragon 765G
CPUAdreno 618Adreno 620
ROM128GB64GB, 128GB, 25GB
Rear camera64 MP, f/1.8 (main)
12 MP, f/2.2 (ultrawide)
5 MP, f/2.4 (macro)
5 MP, f/2.4 (depth)
48 MP, f/1.8 (main)
8 MP, f/2.3 (ultrawide)
5 MP, f/2.4 (depth)
2 MP, f/2.4 (macro)
Front camera32 MP, f/2.032 MP, f/2.5 (main)
8 MP, f/2.5 (ultrawide)
BatteryLi-Po 7000 mAhLi-Po 4115 mAh
Charging25W fast charging
100% in 115 min
30W fast charging
70% in 30 min
Reverse chargingAvailableNot available
Wireless chargingNot available Not available
Headphone JackAvailableNot available
Fingerprint sensorSide mounted Under the display

So now I want to know what do you guys think about this, which is better, Oneplus Nord or Samsung Galaxy M51? Let me know down in the comments.

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