Samsung Galaxy M51 Review with Pros and Cons

Samsung Galaxy M51 Review with Pros and Cons

Today I will be reviewing the Samsung’s battery best, the Samsung Galaxy M51 which is similar to the recently launched Samsung Galaxy M31s in many ways but it comes with one some upgrades. If you want to know about that big upgrades, keep reading this Samsung Galaxy M51 review.

Samsung Galaxy M51 box contents:

1. Samsung Galaxy M51 handset
2. 25W charging adapter
3. Type-C cable
4. SIM ejector
5. Paper work

Galaxy M51: Design and Build Quality

Like the M31s, the M51 also comes with a plastic back panel and one interesting thing to note is that the M51 does not have a camera bump. The quad camera module sits flush with the back and that’s not because samsung’s used some magical technology here.

It’s just because the M51 is indeed quite chunky but to be fair samsung had to make it thicker so that they can place massive 7000 mAh battery. So the thickness and weight is quite expected.

If it weren’t that slippery and a fingerprint magnet, then I would have loved the in-hand feel, it’s hefty but it’s well balanced.

Design and Build quality of Samsung Galaxy M51
Design and Build quality of Galaxy M51

The Galaxy M51 is just taller, slightly wider and heavier version of the samsung galaxy M31s especially in terms of the design. The smartphone borrows pretty much everything from the M31s.

Its has curvy back and its L-shaped camera module which by the way looks pretty good on the M51. While the M51 carries a 7,000 mAh battery, it weighs just 213 grams which is great.

The placements too are quite good. All the buttons are within easy reach, for example the power button to the right, the fingerprint scanner is integrated into it and it works nice and fast.

So every time I bring the phone out from my pocket, it’s already unlocked by the time I can see the display. The volume keys are right above that and they are nice and clicky too.

Further up we get the secondary noise cancelling microphone and there’s a triple card slot to the left, the headphone jack the USB type C port, primary microphone and the speaker reside at the bottom.

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Samsung Galaxy M51 Review: Display

To the front we have a 6.7 inch infinity o panel, infinity o basically stands for a punch hole panel. This is a punch hole is in the center and contains a 32 MP selfie shooter. We have a FHD+ amoled panel and i’ve spoken about samsung’s mid-range amoled panels a lot.

Samsung Galaxy M51 Review: Display
Samsung Galaxy M51 Review: Display

So I’m pretty sure you guys know how this one’s gonna go. It’s a samsung amoled so we’ve got the typical inky blacks, amazing contrast. Samsung Galaxy M51 actually comes with a layer of corning’s gorilla glass version 3 on top of the display, so that should prevent scratches to a certain degree.

The handset is widewine L1 certified too so you can indeed stream shows from netflix and Amazon Prime in HD resolution. The HDR support is only present for youtube videos, so this is one area where the Nord’s display is better as the phone would let you stream titles in HDR from netflix too.

Another thing you should know here is that the display on the M51 is only 60Hz which is a bummer especially given the phone’s price point. Oneplus Nord comes in this same price category and has an 90Hz refresh rate.

Samsung Galaxy M51 Software

Oneplus Nord is also brighter than M51 because Nord has brightness of 700 nits while the M51 can ho upto only 420 nits. If you want to read the full comparison of Samsung Galaxy M51 vs Oneplus Nord, then click here.

Samsung Galaxy M51 Performance

In terms of processing power Samsung has not gone for an average processor in fact they’ve not even gone for an Exynos processor. This is something that they’ve refused to do even with their flagship series.

They’ve actually gone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G. The 730G is not the latest Qualcomm processor, it’s nothing monstrous but it’s still a pretty capable performer.

So it’s no surprise that when paired with OneUI 2.1 on the Galaxy M51, everything from the menus to the animations felt smooth. It’s not just with day-to-day apps either, when it comes to intense stuff like gaming, the Adreno 618 GPU didn’t really disappoint.

Overall the M51 on paper looks to be the most powerful M series phone that Samsung has release till date. As far as RAM goes, we get 6 or 8 GB of RAM that’s been paired with 128 GB of onboard storage. There’s no dedicated microsd for more expansion.

Galaxy M51 Battery review and charging test

This is an absolutely humongous 7,000 mAh battery, this is the highest capacity battery I think I’ve seen ever on a mainstream smartphone, even the M31 came with a 6,000 mAh battery.

So this is 1,000 mAh higher, combined with that 8 nm chip and an amoled panel. The battery life I expected to be phenomenal. the M51 might just be the perfect phone for road warriors since I don’t think even the most hardcore power users can drain this in a single day.

I also did a few gaming tests.

Samsung Galaxy M51 Review
Samsung Galaxy M51 Review

First I played COD Mobile’s Battle Royale mode for 1h on the Galaxy M51 with the graphics set to very high and the frame rate set to very high. I also set the brightness to max because I want to take full toll of this battery.

After one hour of gameplay the phone just lost 11%, that is amazing. To put things into perspective, the Poco X2 with a 4500 mAh battery but the same 730G chipset loses 23% battery in an hour on the same settings.

So you kind of get an idea of the difference this bigger battery makes. Gaming obviously drains the battery but i also did a video playback test.

I was watching the england vs australia game the other night and I noted the battery rate which was very nominal. I watched the game for two hours and the battery rate was just 9%, so the 7000 mAh battery should be good.

I also like the fact that you can actually use this phone as a power bank and it makes sense. The phone has the power share feature, so you can use the USB-C to USB-C cable in the box to charge other devices using the Galaxy M51.

So the battery performance is great but I’m sure you’re wondering with that huge battery packs, is the Galaxy M51 a crazy humongous phone?

Well, it’s not a crazy humongous phone, it’s not a very small or very compact smartphone but it’s not crazy big or too hefty either. It weighs 213 grams which is fine for a phone that packs in that big battery.

Charging time for the battery isn’t all that bad either considering there’s a 7000 mAh cell here. That’s primarily because you get a 25W charger in the box which refueled the phone from 0 to 100% completely in 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy M51 Camera Review

Samsung Galaxy M51 camera review
Samsung Galaxy M51 camera review

Talking about the optics, the primary is a 64 MP IMX682 sensor paired with a wide f/1.8 aperture lens. We’ve got a 12 MP ultra wide IMX616 sensor and a pair of 5 MP sensors for macro and portrait. It’s good to see that Samsung is offering a little more than the regular 2 MP sensors to inflate the numbers.

You will be glad to know that the M51 comes with a level 3 support for cam 2 api, it means if a Google cam mod is made available for this phone, you will be able to leverage all the features of that.

  • Main 64 MP sensor

Let’s start with the white shots and here the M51 put forth an aesthetically pleasing photo time and again which was rich in colors and details. This is a Samsung phone so you’d be wise to assume that the phone does boost certain colors in particular the greens, blues and the reds when you click photos with the handset scene optimize enabled.

To be entirely honest with you, the post processing done by the software comes across as pleasing rather than obnoxious. All the images were quite crisp although you cannot forego some amount of over sharpening but for the most part the M51 impressed me immensely.

With its daylight photos it offers a healthy amount of details, excellent dynamic range and good exposure. Even if I click the image of very bright sky, I could get away with little to no highlight clipping which essentially are bright white spots in a photo.

  • Close-up shots

The close-ups shots similarly gives pleasing result too. The phone could capture when the lens was right next to the subject, the images had excellent sharpness and a pleasing natural bokeh effect which can be seen in the photos of the white flower and the brown leaf.

I also like how unlike other M series phones, the M51 doesn’t blotch the red shade and you can clearly make out the definition of the petals of a red flower in a shot. The colors aren’t how they should be but you could achieve a more tonally accurate image. With the phone’s scene optimizer turned off the 64 MP shot from the Galaxy M51 was a thing of beauty too.

Here’s a macro sample from the phone which offers excellent sharpness around the tiny brown leaves. Here’s the photo clicked with the main lens. I have to say the M51’s macro sensor is actually very usable and I had a gal of a time clicking ultra close-ups with it.

  • Ultra-Wide shots

The wide-angle sensor clicks beautiful photos on face value and the thing I like the most here is that there is no disparity when switching from the standard to the wide-angle sensor.

Unfortunately at a closer crop the images showcase washed out corner details. The wide angle photos from the M51 are definitely serviceable.

  • Low Light images

Coming to the low light photos, the M51 is a classic part here too and while the shot with the night mode disabled had some lens flaring around the lamppost in the front of a house. The phone also struggled to bring out details from the darker parts of the shot.

The photo with the night mode enabled corrected all these issues and offered a much better composition which I could instantly share without much edits.

  • Selfies

As for the selfies, I absolutely love the results that I got from the M51. To be fair my skin tones isn’t very accurate and it might appear as if I have bronzer on my cheeks.

The handset has captured every bit of detail on the face and there’s no skin softening going on here either. Even the portrait selfie looks quite good, I suppose the phone could have a slightly neater cut out around the hair.

As for the low light selfies, the M51 is a pretty sharp shooter here too and with the screen flash enabled, you should be able to get away with the ground worthy image even under pitch darkness.

  • Videos

In terms of videos, the Samsung Galaxy Galaxy M51’s 1080p 30fps video clip from the rear camera actually impressed me.

In terms of the stability, the audio captured by the built-in microphone, the colors in the image and the dynamic range, all the things are very good.

Samsung Galaxy M51 Price in India

Samsung Galaxy M51 is the most expensive M series phone coming in at ₹ 24,999 for the 6 GB + 128 GB and ₹ 26,999 for the 8 GB + 128 GB.

But I don’t think that anyone would buy the higher variant. Why would one pay ₹ 3,000 more for just 2 extra GB of RAM. But at ₹24,999 the M51 does have a lot going for it.

It’s got a giant battery, an excellent Samsung’s amoled panel, good optics and most importantly a powerful processor.

Samsung Galaxy M51 review conclusion
Samsung Galaxy M51 review conclusion

Samsung Galaxy M51 Review: Conclusion


  • Amazing Super AMOLED display
  • Excellent battery life
  • Versatile cameras
  • Feature rich software


  • No High refresh rate display
  • No bundled case and pre-applied screen protector

I think Samsung Galaxy M51 is an excellent buy. It has amazing processor, great camera, good looking display and phenomenal battery life due to that 7,000 mAh battery which can lasts you more than 2 days on normal usage.

If you were thinking about getting the Samsung Galaxy M51, I’d say go for it. This is quite possibly the best Samsung smartphone launched this year.

That wraps up my full Samsung Galaxy M51 review. Do let me know in the comments below if you want to see more content around the M51.

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