Realme 7: A new Rival for Realme 6

Realme has launched its 7 series smartphones and I’m going to talk about Realme 7 which is quite an interesting smartphone. So what’s new with the Realme 7? How is it different from other Realme smartphones? Let’s talk about that.

Let me just tell you straight away, the Realme 7 isn’t exactly a massive upgrade over the 6 but there are some good changes. Actually there are minor changes in the design, chipset, the camera and the battery.

So let me start with obviously, the design.

Realme 7: Design and Build

Realme 7 back design
Realme 7 design and Build

So this is the Realme 7 and as you can see it has this new pattern here and style that kind of reminds me a little of the Oppo F17 Pro.

Anyway the back here is polycarbonate aka plastic, but I like the fact that it’s matte and the camera module is not the same as the old Realme style.

Here’s the Redmi 7 next to the Realme 6 and well the Realme 7 does look a little more classy to me. Apart from this change in the back design, the Realme 7 looks and feels pretty much the same as the 6.

Well here are both the phones and both of them have the same buttons, the same ports and the same side mounted fingerprint scanner.

Realme 7: Display

The display is the same too. It’s a 6.5 inch IPS LCD with gorilla glass 3 and it has the 90 Hz refresh rate.

Realme 7 vs Realme 6
Realme 7 vs Realme 6

Now on paper, the display seems the same but I did notice slightly warmer colors on the Redmi 7 which make up for more punchy colors.

Other than that, it’s the same but it’s not a bad thing because it’s a very smooth display thanks to the higher refreshing.

I like the fact that the phone has support for widevine L1 license and netflix shows and movies play in HD. So no problem on the front.

Improvements in Hardware

Now the design changes are good but another upgrade is on the hardware front. So the Realme 7 comes with the updated MediaTek Helio G95 chipset along with up to 8GB LPDDR4X RAM and up to 128GB UFS 2.1 storage.

Now the RAM and storage options are good but what about the G85? How is it upgraded from the G90T? Well, actually there’s only one upgrade here and that’s the faster GPU.

The MALI-G76 GPU on the G95 is clocked at 900 MHz compared to 800 MHz on the G90T. I ran a few benchmark scores on the Realme 7s to check out the scores of the G95 compared to the G90T.

Realme 7 vs Realme 6 Geekbench Scores
Realme 7 vs Realme 6 Geekbench Scores

As you can see the scores are very similar in both the chipsets in geekbench, in 3dmark which is a GPU center chipset. The G95 is just a bit better due to obviously the overclocked GPU.

As for gaming, you can play Asphalt 9 on the phone and the G95 handles them pretty easily. Obviously, you can’t notice the overclock GPU much because even the 6 handled these games fine.

Now one strange thing I did notice is that the max graphics on Pubg mobile is hd and high whereas the G90T supports HDR ultra graphics.

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Apart from that, the Realme 7 is also said to have a new carbon fiber cooling system to cool down the G95 after intensive gaming. The G95 is the new here and to be honest it’s not a massive upgrade but it’s okay because the G90 has been very capable.

So the G95 should be solid on the 7 too, I mean, the phone has been fairly lag free but obviously I’ll have a better idea once I use the phone as my daily driver.

Realme 7 vs Realme 6: Cameras

Moving on to upgrade number 3, the main camera.

Realme 7 camera specifications
Realme 7 camera specifications

To be more specific, the Realme 7 has a Quad camera setup and by the way these are the exact same cameras as the Pro variant. Now the Realme 6 too came with a 64 megapixel sensor so the upgrade here comes in the form of the new IMX682 sensor.

Now the camera performance so far seems good, as you can see from these shots which are very detailed and have good colors.

I did notice some over processing in some of the shots but yeah it’s too early to judge. I actually wanted to see if the IMX682 in the Realme 7 is better than the Samsung GW1 sensor on the Realme 6.

The Realme 7 does take better photos, the Redmi 7 photos just look more punchy and I also noticed that the phone captures shadows better and that’s not all in most photos. So yeah the IMX682 is actually an upgrade.

Another new camera feature that Realme 7 brings is support for ultra steady video mode. This wasn’t present in the Redmi 6 and it does capture stable videos. It’s a good addition.

The selfie camera is the same 16 MP sensor and well, the selfies are decentish so far.

Battery and Charging

Now upgrade number 4 on the Realme 7 is the battery. So the Redmi 7 brings the bigger 5000 mah battery with the same great 30W charger.

Realme 7 Battery and Charging
Realme 7: Battery and charging

It’s battery performance is pretty good, so the bigger battery here should translate into even better battery performance because the chipset and display haven’t changed drastically.

As for the 30 watt charger, it should charge the phone pretty quickly.

Software and UI of Realme 6

Apart from these major upgrades and changes, the Realme7 comes with the custom android skin of Realme, the Realme UI with all of the features and customizations.

But there are a couple of new apps, so there’s the new doc vault app where you can save all your personal government ID’s and you can keep them secure.

Realme 7 software
Realme 7 software

Now apart from that, when it comes to the pre-installed apps, they are the Realme apps and there’s Amazon, Facebook and WordPress office, all of which you can uninstall.

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Realme 7 price in India

The price of Realme 7 starts at ₹ 13,499 for the 6GB RAM and 64GB storage variant. The phone also has 8GB RAM and 128GB storage variants. Customers will be able to buy it for ₹ 15,499. It will be sold in Mist Blue and Mist White colors.


So that was pretty much all the upgrades in the Realme 7 and I know most of the upgrades are pretty minor like the new G85 chipset, the upgraded main camera and the bigger battery.

But they all kind of combine to make the 7 a solid smartphone in this segment and well you know what i’ll be doing a detailed comparison of the Realme 7 vs Redmi Note 9 pro to put the Mediatek G85 vs the Snapdragon 720G.

So if you’re planning to buy the new Realme 7, I’d suggest you to stay tuned for a comparison.

Those are my thoughts on the new Realme 7. so what do you think of this phone? If you have any questions on the phone just comment down below.

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