Poco X2 vs Realme X2 : Which One is Better?

A conspiracy theory is going around that Poco name the first smartphone of their x-series, the Poco X2 to directly compete Realme X2. So which is the better X2? Let’s find out in this Poco X2 vs Realme X2 comparison.

Poco X2 Box Contents:

• Poco X2 handset
• 27W Fast charging adapter
• USB Type-C cable 
• Soft TPU case 
• SIM ejector pin 
• Documentation 

Realme X2 Box Contents:

• Realme X2 handset
• 30W VOOC 4.0 charger (5V-6A)
• USB Type-C Cable
• Soft TPU case
• SIM ejector pin 
• Documentation 

Poco X2 vs Realme X2: Specifications Comparison

SpecificationsPoco X2Realme X2
Display6.67 inches, FHD+6.4 inches, FHD+
Display typeIPS LCD, 120HzSuper AMOLED, 60Hz
Rear Cameras64 MP, f/1.9 (wide)
8 MP, f/2.2 (ultrawide)
2 MP, f/2.4 (macro)
2 MP, f/2.4 (depth)
64 MP, f/1.8 (wide)
8 MP, f/2.3 (ultrawide)
2 MP, f/2.4 (macro)
2 MP, f/2.4 (depth)
Front Cameras20+2 MP32 MP, f/2.0
CPUSnapdragon 730GSnapdragon 730G
GPUAdreno 618Adreno 618
Battery4500 mAh4000 mAh
Fast Charging27W, 100% in 68 min30W, 67% in 30 min
Starting Price₹ 14,999₹ 17,999

Poco X2 vs Realme X2: Design and Build

Poco X2 vs Realme X2 design and build comparison
Poco X2 vs Realme X2: Design and Build

Starting with design, both the X2’s have glass sandwich designs, protected by Gorilla Glass 5 on either side, but visually they couldn’t be any more different.

On one hand we have the Poco X2 with centre placed cameras in a circular 3D ring and there’s Poco branding to the bottom. On the other hand, we have the Realme X2 with Realme design language, stamped all over it cameras to the side with a horizontal Realme logo.

It gives a striking finish and creates different patterns when it catches the light in the right way.

Poco X2 is heavier than the Realme X2. Poco X2 weighs around 210 grams which is about 25 grams heavier than the Realme X2.

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The in hand feel of the Realme X2 is better, it’s lighter and easy to hold in one hand. But Poco X2 does have an advantage of its own here, it’s got that p2i nano coating that allows it to be splash resistant.

Realme X2 vs Poco X2: Display

Poco X2 vs Realme X2 display comparison
Poco X2 vs Realme X2: Display

Poco X2 has a larger display, 6.67 inches Full-HD+ panel. On the Realme X2, there is 6.4 inches Full-HD+ panel.

The Realme X2 has an AMOLED panel with a water-drop-style notch. This is a gorgeous screen which comes with inky black, infinite contrast along with vibrant colors, but the refresh rate of this display is standard 60 Hertz.

On the other hand, the Poco X2, has double refresh rate, it has 120 Hertz refresh rate. Though it is IPS LCD, it’s still a pretty vibrant display. Poco X2 has got two hole-punch cutouts at the top with the pixels in between blacked out to give a Galaxy S10+ kind of long cutout vibe.

So, both of the X2’s have their own pros and cons but you can find your type of X2 by reading these points.

  • If you’re someone who consume more media, then the AMOLED display might be something you’d appreciate.
  • But if you’re more into gaming, then, the fluid smoothness and the faster refresh of the Poco X2 would be ideal for you.

Performance Comparison

We have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G, powering both phones and that’s paired with 6GB or 8GB of RAM, along with 64GB / 128GB / 256 GB of internal storage on the Poco X2. On the other hand, we have 4GB / 6GB or 8GB RAM variants of the Realme X2 coupled with 64GB or 128 GB of internal storage.

Both phones come with support for microSD expansion but it’s only the Realme X2 that has a dedicated card slot.

Poco X2 vs Realme X2 comparison
Poco X2 vs Realme X2

Now you’d expect with same hardware, the performance on both phones would also be similar.


Well not!

With the frame rate set to 120 Hertz, you’ll sometimes notice tiny micro stutters and frame drops on the Poco X2. However, the user interface on the Poco X2 felt snappier than the interface on the Realme X2.

The faster refresh rate on the Poco X2 seems to make everything. It’s very hard to show on screen, but you can definitely feel the difference between these two in your hands.

When it comes to gaming, both of the X2’s perform exceptionally well. But the higher refresh rate screen on the Poco X2 takes the lead.

The games that support the higher refresh rate, runs buttery-smooth on the Poco X2. The gameplay feels much smoother especially with first-person shooters like Modern Combat.

On the Poco X2, the touch response felt almost instantaneous. So if you play a lot of games, the Poco X2 is your obvious choice. Overall the performance round ends in a convincing victory for the Poco X2.

Connectivity options

Fingerprint Sensor

We have an in-display fingerprint scanners on the Realme X2, thanks to the AMOLED panel. The fingerprint scanner under the display on the Realme X2 is really fast, in fact almost as fast as the capacitive scanner on the Poco X2.

Personally, I feel front facing scanners are more convenient and thus the Realme X2 has an edge here. But that’s personal preference.

Audio and Voice

Poco X2 hits back with an IR blaster and FM radio support, which I found lacking on the Realme X2. As far as audio quality goes, again this is a win for the Realme X2. The sound outputs is good via both headphone jacks, as well as the bottom firing speakers. Thanks to the Dolby Atmos on both the X2s.

Poco X2 and Realme X2 have a headphone jack
Poco X2 and Realme X2 both have a headphone jack

Realme X2 vs Poco X2: Software

Coming to the software side of Poco X2 vs Realme X2, we have Realme UI based on Android 10 running on the Realme X2. The Poco X2 is running MIUI 12, based on the latest Android 11.

On Poco X2 we get some Poco specific functionality like the Poco launched a pre-loaded skin on the top of MIUI 12, known as Poco Launcher. Poco has promised fast updates on the Poco X2. On the other hand, Realme have their Realme UI.

Both interfaces are fast, but the Poco X2 has an edge because it’s on Android 11.

Poco X2 vs Realme X2: Camera Comparison

Rear Camera Comparison

Realme X2 has a 64MP primary camera sensor
Realme X2 has a 64MP primary camera sensor

Moving on to cameras, both the X2’s have similar rear camera setups. We have a 64MP primary sensor on both phones.

Poco X2 comes with a Quad rear camera setup
Poco X2 comes with a Quad rear camera setup

Realme has gone with Samsung’s isocell GW1 sensor paired with the f/1.8 lens. Poco has gone with the brand new sony IMX686 sensor with the f/1.9 lens.

Under bright light, both take good-looking pictures although the Sony sensor does come out ahead in most situations. For example the dynamic range is better on the Poco X2. It brings out the details in them quite beautifully, the IMX686 also tends to shoot crisper shots with finer details.

Both phones also have dedicated night modes, the Poco X2 beats the Realme X2 by shooting brighter images and also retains better colors.

Now moving on to the secondary sensor, both phones have an 8MP ultra wide sensor. The picture quality is quite comparable. That said the Poco X2 does exhibit a better balance between the highlights and shadows along with punchy of colors.

Next up, there’s a 2 MP macro option on both phones, interesting in concept but the shots taken by them lack in sharpness and sometimes tend to come out a bit darker. Between these two, the Poco X2 has an edge in terms of details.

Camera samples comparison of Realme X2 vs Poco X2

Finally the last sensor on the list is a 2MP depth sensor. Both X2’s have done well enough especially when it comes to the edge detection part of portraits.

Front Camera Comparison

Moving on to the selfie camera, we have a 32MP single snapper on the Realme X2 and Poco has gone for dual selfie shooters, a 20MP primary coupled with another 2MP depth sensor.

Poco X2 vs Realme X2 Front Camera Comparison
Poco X2 vs Realme X2 Front Camera Comparison

At first glance the pictures taken by the Poco might look sharper, the pictures taken from the Realme X2 do come out looking kind of soft. By zooming in we can spot some over sharpening on the Poco X2. Weirdly, in some instances the edge deduction is actually better with the Realme X2.

Video Shooting

Both smartphones can capture 4k videos, the Poco X2 seems to shoot brighter, sharper and even more stabilized footage, seems like electronic stabilization even works at 4k on the Poco X2.

Both ones have an option to shoot at 1080p 60fps, and the videos still remain quite detailed.

The Realme X2 comes with an ultra steady video option and it eliminates almost all shakes but that does come in at an expense of detail.

Another feature that Realme has provided, is portrait video for both the rear as well as front cameras. Something the Poco X2 cannot match not as of now.

We also had the front camera EIS to the Realme X2, so it is recommended to vloggers or Youtubers to pick the Realme X2 as it has an advantage when it comes to videography.

So with optics the poco X2 does better with still images. With rear cameras, the Realme X2 does perform better with selfies and videos for most of the situations.

Battery and Charging

Poco X2 [Charging]
Poco X2 [Charging]

With battery life the Poco X2 again has an edge since the battery capacity is 12% higher. The 4,000 mAh on the Realme X2 is quite respectable and it can easily lasts you through a full day on a single charge.

When it comes to charging we have an included 27W fast charger with the Poco X2. That can get the 4,500 mAh battery inside Poco X2, it charges from 0 to 100 within 1 hour and 10 minutes.

That’s pretty fast and even the 30W VOOC 4.0 charger takes around the same time to charge the 4000 mAh battery on the Realme X2.

That said when it comes to quick topics the VOOC 4.0 does take the lead with it being able to charge 68% in half hour while the Poco goes to about 61%.

Personally, I would prefer a long-lasting battery life than higher charging speed. The battery capacity is higher on the Poco X2 so it’s about the same charge speeds.

Poco X2 vs Realme X2: Price Difference

Now let’s move on to the pricing of Poco X2 and Realme X2.

The 6GB RAM + 64GB storage variant of the Poco X2 comes at Rs 14,999. The Realme X2 starts at Rs 17,999 and offers 4GB RAM and 64GB storage.

So is the Realme X2 worth paying Rs 1000 more and sacrificing 2GB of RAM?

Well not unless you really like AMOLED screens, faster charging, love taking selfies and need the unique video features. If these features are important to you then the Realme X2 would make you happy.


If you’re looking for a phone that feels really snappy, runs games pretty well, has outstanding battery life, and has better cameras, then the Poco X2 is probably the phone for you.

In my opinion, it is the better all-rounder phone and it also comes at a cheaper price, making it better value for money smartphone. So, Poco X2 is one of the easiest phone to recommend for anyone who is looking for a device around the Rs 15,000 mark.

There are other alternatives to Realme X2 and Poco X2, which is Poco M2 Pro, Motorola One Fusion Plus and Samsung Galaxy A31. So you can also take a look on these alternatives.

Now I want to know which of these two would you choose between Poco X2 vs Realme X2? What is your X2 preference? Leave a comment below.

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