Poco M2 Pro Review with Pros and Cons

POCO has launched the POCO M2 Pro, a budget device aimed at the 15,000 price segment and here are Top 10 things that you must know before buying the Poco M2 Pro.

This is the Xiaomi Redmi note 9 Pro here, it’s the same hardware but we have a couple of changes to it.

Now this is the cheapest phone available in the market from the company and it is their second-generation phone in the second series of phones that are coming out in 2020.

So let’s look at the Poco M2 Pro Review and see whether it’s good or not for the price.

Poco M2 Pro: Design and Build

The build quality and design of this phone is quite familiar, it actually is quite similar to Redmi Note 9 series but there are quite a lot of differences here and you will see those in the design and the texture of the phone. More importantly the front and back as well as the camera lens are all Gorilla Glass 5, so material wise, it is well-made.

Poco M2 Pro has a Glass back
Poco M2 Pro has a Glass back

It’s also got a pretty solid frame and then you also have a P2i coating that makes it water repellent as well as dust proof and it will keep your phone safe even if you drop it in a puddle of water accidentally. You can pick it out quickly the P2i coating will last in most cases.

The texture on the back of the phone looks really nice and the dual tone on the back gives it a very premium look. You get Gorilla Glass 5 all over that makes the phone look extremely premium and super rigid. The frame is also rigid on the Poco M2 Pro it gives a good experience in the hand.

Poco M2 Pro Overview

On the front, there is a center placed punch hole camera, it’s a 16 MP camera and it also has night mode. The Poco M2 Pro is pretty much edge to edge and on the bottom side of the phone you’ll see the 3.5 mm headphone jack, the USB-C charging port as well as the microphone and the speaker.

Poco M2 Pro physical overview
Poco M2 Pro physical overview

The microphone and the speaker are placed quite next to each other and this might interfere in conversation calls.

On Poco M2 Pro, we did have on the right is the fingerprint sensor, that is placed directly in the power button and it also has the volume buttons on the right.

On the top, there is a secondary noise cancellation microphone and an IR blaster for a remote control. So if you want to use IR remote features on the Poco M2 Pro, you can do that here.

On the left of the phone is the sim tray, this is a dedicated SIM tray so you get two dedicated slots for SIM card as well as a microSD card expansion slot.

Poco M2 Pro Box Contents

Inside the box you also get a protective cover which is a black colored clear TPU case and it will give you basic protection and there is a screen protector pre-installed on the phone, so you do get the screen being protected right off the box as well.

  • Poco M2 Pro Handset
  • A Black TPU Case
  • 33W Fast Charger + Cable
  • Sim Ejector pin
  • Documentation

Poco M2 Pro Review: Display

Poco M2 Pro features a FHD+ IPS LCD display
Poco M2 Pro features a FHD+ IPS LCD display

Now over the front, it has a 6.67 inch display which has a 20:9 aspect ratio. It is a Full-HD+ display that gives you a 2400×1080 pixel resolution. This is a IPS LCD panel so the blacks are not as good as Amoled display, in addition to this, Poco M2 Pro comes with the brightness of 450 nits.

The phone comes with a standard 60 Hertz display and the refresh rate remains at that which should not be a problem for a lot of people who are going to buy this one.

But of course a better refresh rate would have been appreciated by a lot of people, the display is also bright enough as well as has good viewing angles.

It’s got a good amount of saturation and contrast and it’s easy to view the brightness level is also pretty nice, whether you’re using the phone indoor as well as outdoor, you will have no issues using the device.

Poco M2 Pro Software

Poco M2 Pro runs on Poco Launcher custom skin
Poco M2 Pro runs on Poco Launcher custom skin

The Poco M2 Pro sets itself apart from Redmi Note 9 series by providing software that is free from ads. Thats enough for me to recommend Poco M2 Pro. It has amazing Poco Launcher and appealing look which is fully customizable.

This separates M2 Pro from Note 9 Pro which is full of ads and bloatware. Poco M2 Pro also has some bloatware apps but these can be removed easily from the device.

Poco M2 Pro Review: Performance

The RAM type in Poco M2 Pro is LPDDR4X and the storage is UFS 2.1. The Poco M2 pro is running on MIUI 11.2 and it’s on Android 10. It is quite a familiar user interface and you do get the Poco launcher on the phone as well.

So all your apps do sit below and you can swipe up to see all the apps. There’s quite a lot of pre-installed apps which I’m not a fan of, but thankfully, you can uninstall most of these applications.

As far as performance is concerned, day-to-day application usage as well as multitasking is pretty responsive on the phone and overall usability is quite nice. The display is a 60 Hertz display so there is no settings for better or a higher refresh rate.

Gaming on Poco M2 Pro

Now because of the Snapdragon 720G chip, you will get a pretty good performance boost on the phone and it’s apparently a 40% improvement from what we saw with the 720.

Antutu scores of Poco M2 Pro, Realme 6, and Redmi Note 9 Pro
Antutu scores of Poco M2 Pro, Realme 6, and Redmi Note 9 Pro
Geekbench scores of Poco M2 Pro, Realme 6, and Redmi Note 9 Pro
Geekbench scores of Poco M2 Pro, Realme 6, and Redmi Note 9 Pro

If you’re playing games like PUBG Mobile, you’re not getting the maximum experience from the game, you are not getting the higher frame rates from the game and even if you bring down the graphics to the lowest you’re still not getting the high frame rate options and this is somewhat disappointing.

You’re not seeing extreme gameplay however is not jittery at all, if you are not somebody who’s used the higher frame rates you’re not going to mind playing games like PUBG, so the gameplay itself is not a problem.

The refresh rate options and the frame rate options are not there and the higher frame rates are not available on the chipset, despite it being a faster, newer chipset is somewhat of a disappointment.

Maybe this can be optimized possibly by PUBG or possibly by Poco. It’s yet to be seen but for now the gameplay is restricted to that.

Poco M2 Pro Camera Review

Poco M2 Pro camera review
Poco M2 Pro camera review

Poco M2 Pro has got a quad camera set up, the primary camera is a 48 MP, you also get an 8 MP ultra-wide sensor along with a 5 MP macro sensor and a 2 MP depth sensor.

The camera can shoot 1080p video and we’ll discuss about that a little bit later. Specifications wise you get the qualcomm Snapdragon 720G chipset which is an octa-core CPU and also has the Adreno 618 GPU you are also getting 4 or 6 GB of RAM as well as 64 or 128 GB of storage options.

I am really impressed by the video and more importantly the video stabilization. The video stabilization especially even if you’re walking seems like you’re using a gimbal with Poco M2 Pro. It works really well, only if the lighting is proper and if you’re outdoors so you get a really good light into your sensor and it works really well.

For the image stabilization and it’s almost gimbal like on the phone and it’s really appreciated on a device of this value. So if you’re somebody who’s going to capture a lot of video on this, you will really enjoy it.

Including the fact that it doesn’t hunt for focus while you are in video. The images are really sharp and, the contrast and color is really good on the images. You get focused really quickly on the main camera and also on the front camera.

You still get the suite of features that let you edit out the portrait mode. So you can do things like add a sky or a more dramatic sky into your images from the editing options, if you don’t already have a nice sky in your background.

So all these things combined make the camera a pretty impressive and you will really enjoy capturing images on Poco M2 Pro.

It gives you a good result just when you click the shutter for images, you not only get a pro mode but you also get the night mode which works really well in low-light shots. For video you also get things like short video and slow motion video, all of which come out really nice on the device

So the camera is concerned, it’s one of the primary main factors of this phone that I really liked and it’s going to be one of the main reasons that people have appreciate this phone.

Battery and Charging

Poco M2 Pro with its charging adapter
Poco M2 Pro with its charging adapter

The Poco M2 Pro has a 5000 mAh battery but the most important thing is that it gets a 33W fast charging and then you also get a 33W fast charger inside the box. Along with the fact that it can charge up your phone up to 50% in just 30 minutes.

So you get a good mix of not only fast charging but also a massive battery and this is the reason that Poco says that they couldn’t include a faster refresh rate.

Otherwise the price would go out of whack and so to balance that out they’ve included faster charging and the 33W fast charging along with the 5000 mAh battery at this price bracket.

Poco M2 Pro lasts a full day of use even on a really high level usage. So even if you are playing games, browsing the web and just really using your phone, you will have it lasts. Mostly till the end of the day 5 to 6 hours of screen on time is not a problem with this battery.

Depending on again levels of brightness and the way you use your phone and for what purpose this may vary and for some people.

One thing that I think I should mention in this Poco M2 Pro review is, your battery backup will be much more, but if you’re gaming constantly and you have everything connected at all time then you might get upwards of 5 hours and not 6 hours.


Phone call capability and network performance is as expected more or less good on this device. You do get dedicated slots that means that you can have two active sim cards on this and then you can also pop in storage so that’s a good thing. Everyone will appreciate the three part tray on the phone.

Poco M2 Pro comes with a dedicated sim card tray
Poco M2 Pro comes with a dedicated sim card tray

The earpiece is loud enough for phone calls and the microphone is also good enough. To pick up your audio the speaker also is loud enough to converse on phone calls. So no complaints over there.

Poco M2 Pro Price in India

The price of Poco M2 Pro in India has been set at Rs. 13,999 for the 4GB RAM + 64GB storage variant, and its 6GB RAM + 64GB storage option has been priced at Rs. 14,999. The top-of-the-line variant with 6GB RAM + 128GB storage comes with a price tag of Rs. 16,999.

You can pick Poco M2 Pro in three colour options – Out of the Blue, Green and Greener, and Two Shades of Black.

Verdict and My thoughts

There are a few things that are not good with this device and that turns out to be more towards the gaming aspect of things.

I would have liked to see better results from games that we usually play and that is not the case. A higher FPS and better gaming experience, the speaker is also not the loudest on the phone. I would have liked to see a slightly better speaker.

I do appreciate the P2i coating but some better level of water resistance should now be on these devices. This is the highest category of selling phones in our country and a lot of people get water damage on their phones, so may be a proper rated coating on these phones would be appreciated by a lot of people.


1. Really nice build and a design that stands out.
2. Super bright and color accurate OLED screen without any cutouts.
3. Record-breaking battery life.
4. Competitive fast charging solution over Power Delivery.
5. Good price and performance ratio.
6. Satisfactory main camera performance with great Night mode and nice macro camera.
7. Has 3.5mm audio jack, IR blaster and LED notification indicator.
8. Mature, ads free and feature-rich MIUI 11.


1. Thick and heavy body.
2. Screen lacks the trendy high-refresh rate.
3. No stereo speakers.
4. No telephoto camera.
5. Low-light photography is not great except for the main cam with Night mode ON.

It’s a really interesting phone from the company and it is their second-generation phone and it falls into a category of many other phones. It’s one of the busiest spots for smartphones in the country today and you get devices from not only Xiaomi, Realme, Samsung as well as now the new Motorola One fusion+ is also available in a similar price category.

So this is going to compete with a lot of devices but for the most part, Poco M2 Pro seems to be a really well-rounded phone.

So that was my Poco M2 Pro review and now let me know, what are your thoughts on Poco M2 Pro? Let us know in the comment.

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