OnePlus 8 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple iPhone was the only flagship for everybody and the Oneplus one started history as the flagship killer by offering incredible experience for a low price. But as these phones grew and matured, they came closer together and now with the iPhone 11 Pro and the Oneplus 8 Pro, they are closer than ever before. So lets compare the Oneplus 8 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Max.

SpecsOnePlus 8 ProiPhone 11 Pro Max
Display6.78inches QHD+6.65inches FHD+
Refresh rate120hz50Hz
CPUSnapdragon 865Apple A13 Bionic
GPUAndreno 650Apple GPU
Front camera16MP12MP
Rear camera48+48+16+2MP12+12+12MP
Fast charging30W18W
Wireless chargingYesYes
Headphone jackNONO

OnePlus 8 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Max : Design

iPhone 11 Pro has an evolutionary design. This is made with the combination of metal and glass which gives a really premium feel. You will get the protection of Gorilla Glass on the Oneplus 8 pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

OnePlus 8 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Max : Display

Apple is not pushing the bounds of refresh rate. Apple is using the Retina display on the iPhone 11 Pro. It has a 6.5 inch 60 Hertz OLED panel and you’ve seen it before. Color representation is great colors are bright and vibrant. With the brightness of 800 nits, it’s plenty bright when you’re outdoors. It looked good in almost every scenario.

iPhone 11 Pro Max on iOS
iPhone 11 Pro Max

Oneplus taking a new approach, they’ve been upping their refresh rates we saw 90 Hertz with last generation and now we’ve got a 120 Hertz on the Oneplus 8 pro. It’s a 6.78 inches fluid AMOLED display with a 120 Hertz of refresh rate. It is one of the best screens I have ever seen on a phone. But if you want the best looking display you no longer have to look past Oneplus’s 120 Hertz display is absolutely amazing. Things look buttery smooth.

The other smartphone that comes with 120Hz refresh rate is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. But there is a limitation in that device. You can enjoy 120Hz only on FHD+ resolution, not on QHD+.

OnePlus 8 Pro runs on OxygenOS
OnePlus 8 Pro runs on OxygenOS

The speacial thing about Oneplus 8 Pro is that on the QHD+ resolution, you can take advantage of at 120 Hertz refresh rate. Oneplus 8 Pro got a waterfall display which curves over the sides. It looks beautiful. But it had a lot of accidental touches.

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Oneplus 8 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Max : Cameras

When it comes to camera it appears that Oneplus has heard those complaints and they stepped things up in the camera departments. Oneplus 8 pro comes with rocking four cameras. You’ve got a 48MP regular camera you got a 48MP ultra wide, which is actually the same main sensor that was in the oneplus 7t. You’ve got an 8 megapixel telephoto that can do 3x optical zoom and up to 30x digital zoom. You’ve got a fourth filter camera. The images that come out of the Oneplus 8 Pro are really good.

OnePlus 8 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Max camera comparison
OnePlus 8 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Max camera comparison

On the iPhone 11 Pro Max you will get a triple camera setup of 12MP+12MP+12MP. The camera module has been place at at left hand side in the square shape.

If you like brighter, more vibrant, poppy images, then you are going to love this device. The quality of the shots is significantly better than any previous generation of Oneplus cameras. It’s the iPhone it’s the same stories as other categories everything you do some version of good apples machine learning and device learning on the phone are absolutely incredible.

Every shot you take, looks good and the best. The colors are a bit more muted. It almost looks like more of a raw image. But Oneplus looks a bit more processed.

Video is an area where iPhones got better video specs. The video quality that comes out of the iPhone is still better. iPhone 11 Pro Max supports 2160p video recording at 24/30/60fps and 1080p at 30/60/120/240fps.

Oneplus 8 pro also supports 4K video recording at 60fps and 1080p video recording @240fps. But one thing that is extra in Oneplus 8 Pro, that is you can also record 720p videos at 960fps.

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OnePlus 8 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Max : Performance

Now let’s compare the performance of both of these smartphones.

Apple A13 Bionic chip has been the most powerful the highest benchmarked out there. That’s really no exception in this generation the A13 is a beast and is showing no sign of any laging at all. It is always a consistent experience I think that’s the best compliment that you can give to Apple. No matter what you’re doing with the phone it’s always consistent.

When it comes to performance it’s what you’d expect, it’s what Apple is giving you year-over-year. A powerhouse phone that’s going to be good and fast and give you pretty much all day battery life no matter what you’re doing with it.

The battery on the iPhone has been absolutely amazing this is easily a 1-day phone. Things like wireless charging are here as well.

OnePlus 8 Pro About Phone Page
OnePlus 8 Pro About Phone Page

Oneplus’s approach to performance is a little bit different. They take more of a brute-force approach to specs and couple all of that with their oxygen OS. You are getting a really fast performing phone. Now you can pick two different versions of the oneplus 8 pro one with 8GB or 12GB RAM sizes. If you combine 12GB of Ram with the snapdragon 865 and the andreno 650, you’ll get a beast.

OnePlus 8 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Max : Battery

iPhone 11 Pro Max charging wirelessly
iPhone 11 Pro Max charging wirelessly

The battery on the iPhone has been absolutely amazing this is easily a 1-day phone. Things like wireless charging are here as well. You’re getting a 3969mAh battery which support Qi wireless charging. One thing that is speacial in iPhone 11 Pro is, Apple has included a 18W fast charging in the box.

On the Oneplus 8 Pro you are getting a 4,500mAh battery. But battery life was not as outstanding that I was hoping. One thing that’s new with the oneplus 8 pro is wireless charging and there’s different standards. If oneplus is going to do wireless charging it seems that they waited so they can make it insanely fast.

OnePlus Warp Charge 30 wireless
OnePlus Warp Charge 30 wireless

So with their own proprietary wireless technology “Warp charge 30T wireless” and the names tells you everything. It’ll charge at 30 watts. There’s a 3,990rs. wireless charger you need to buy to sort of get those crazy fast speeds. That was really impressive but again you have to spend 3,990rs.

Software Comparison

So this category of our comparison is an Android vs iOS debate. If you want the fastest version of iOS, it’s the iPhone 11 Pro Max and if you want the fastest version of Android it’s not Google’s own pixel I think it’s actually what Oneplus is doing with their Oxygen OS and the Oneplus 8 pro. But in both of these phones, you will not find yourself wanting for speed and performance at all.

Useful Features

So these are just general categories of this Comparison. There’s a lot of features with each of these little things that make them the whole experience. Apple’s implementation of facial recognition is not only amazingly secure but it’s also ridiculously fast.

On the iPhone the iOS stuff like the bread and butter things like iMessage makes your experience with that device better. You can easily pair your iPhone 11 pro max or other iPhones products with your Apple watch and iMac. So it’s an ecosystem and one time if you buy any Apple product, you can’t resist yourself to buy another Apple product.

On the other side there is facial marking that’s built in to the Oneplus 8 pro. It’s has a tiny hole punch sensor but it’s not really as the Apple’s face ID. Oneplus is really more opting for an in-screen fingerprint reader. This is probably the fastest in screen fingerprint authentication that I have ever seen.

In Android there’s a lot to be offered here. The combination of Google and Oneplus’s oxygen OS is really a very good combo. There’s a lot of things to like about.

Oneplus 8 Pro comes with 5g connectivity features. But Apple loses a point when it comes to the 5G connectivity features. It is something that makes your phone more future-proof.

You’ve got Wi-Fi 6 on both of them that’s nice to have. You got an official IP rating on both of these smartphones.

OnePlus 8 pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Max : Price

iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone 11 Pro Max

Oneplus 8 Pro starts at 54,999 rs. and goesr upto 59,000rs. On the other hand, Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max starts at 109,990 rs. and goes upto 150,990rs. When it comes to choose value for money product, Oneplus takes a point.

Do you want to spend the 54,999rs. or 109,990 rs. If you want to go less and sacrifice a few things especially when it comes to screen and cameras to still get a very well price phone, the Oneplus 8 Pro is just for you.

But comparing these two flagships the Oneplus 8 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Max, this is a tough choice to make. But in my opinion Oneplus 8 Pro is a better option than iPhone 11 Pro max.


So thats it, we’ve compared Oneplus 8 pro vs iPhone 11 pro max in detail. Now it is all upto you. It is your opinion to get your favorite device. I do not force you to buy Oneplus 8 Pro. If you like Apple and Apple’s ecosystem, you should definitely go for the iPhone 11 pro max.

Now let me know your choice. Which one would you prefer, Oneplus 8 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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