Motorola One Fusion Plus Review with Pros and Cons

Motorola has launched its latest Midrange smartphone – Motorola One Fusion Plus. So let’s do the Motorola One fusion Plus review. I’ll divide this review between the pros and cons, what I like and what do not like.

So let’s begin.

Finally after a long long time Motorola has made a good mid-range smartphone in India. I’d have that I’ve got the pricing right the cells in India for 17,499 rupees and before we proceed let’s talk about the specifications of Motorola One Fusion+.

First let’s take a quick look at the key specifications of Motorola One Fusion Plus:

Key Specifications:

• 6.5 inch screen IPS LCD Display
• Android 10 ; Stock Android
• 64 MP + 8 MP + 5 MP + 2 MP (Front)
• 16 MP Pop Up Selfie Camera
• 5000 mAh battery
• 18W Fast Charging

Motorola One Fusion Plus: Design and Build

Motorola One Fusion Plus Design and Build
Motorola One Fusion Plus Design and Build

Motorola One Fusion Plus is actually the best designed smartphone in the segment. No smartphone is as good as this one.

The phone has a very clean design with no notches motorola is calling this their total vision display, thanks to pop-up selfie camera at the top of the phone. It also features fall detection, the bezels aren’t that thin especially the one at the bottom, so it feels like they missed it.

They didn’t include a notification LEDs somewhere on the phone. in the hand the Motorola One Fusion Plus is a little heavy and it’s a larger phone, if you’re looking for something compact, the One Fusion is not for you.

If you accidentally drop this smartphone in the water, you dont need to get panic because nothing will happen to this phone and I did check the Motorola website they say that it is splash resistant. So it looks like a nano coating is there on Motorola One Fusion Plus.

Apart from this, if you look at this smartphone, you’ll notice that the bezels, especially bottom bezel of Motorola One Fusion Plus is a bit thicker as compared to its competitors.

Motorola One Fusion Plus Bezels
Motorola One Fusion Plus Bezels

Apart from that, the back is polycarbonate plastic, it kind of reminds me of the Samsung Galaxy A31. So best way to use it, is to put a case on it that is supplied in the box.

Fingerprint Sensor Review:
Now moving to another thing, this one has a fingerprint scanner at the back, so again it’s fine, I didn’t have any problem with this. Because of the animation, it takes about half a second but it is fast. It’s a very reliable fingerprint scanner, so if you prefer these physical fingerprint scanner, yeah you have this one.

Motorola One Fusion Plus Review: Display

Motorola One Fusion Plus Display
Motorola One Fusion Plus Display

Let’s start with the display and the first thing is that this one is having that 6.5 inch screen and guys if you look at it, there is no notch or anything on this, because it’s a full view screen and they have put the front-facing camera in a pop-up mechanism.

So you get that immersive experience. Some people don’t like those notches, so if you are that kind of a person, this smartphone is for you.

The quality of the screen is actually HDR 10 certified and I would say the video watching experience on it is so good. It’s a good ideal great screen and there is no notch or anything like that on the Motorola One Fusion Plus.

Motorola One Fusion Plus Software Review

The next thing that I really like that if you look at at the interface on this smartphone, it is almost stock Android interface that we are having on Motorola One Fusion Plus, and again this is a very big thing guys in the mid-range market it is stock Android without any ads or without any bloatware and that is what I really loved on this.

Motorola One Fusion Plus Software Review
Motorola One Fusion Plus Software Review

You are simply not getting Stock Android Experience in the mid-range market. For example we have a lot of ads on other smartphones or a lot of bloatware and stuff like that. This is still that almost stock Android experience that you would expect.

Regarding updates motorola has said that this device will be getting the Android 11 update, now it’s on Android 10. I don’t think that security updates will be getting monthly, but looks like we might get it every 3 or 4 months. So that is also something you got to know.

We have a dedicated button for the Google Assistant and one extra button and if you present it, the Google assistant will come up. But it is very strange that inside the UI they haven’t actually given us an option to customize this, I don’t use Google assistant that much, so if they would have given up to customize it that would have been great.

Motorola One Fusion Plus: Performance

The Motorola One Fusion Plus is also very fast and the processor used in this is Snapdragon 730G which is again a blazing fast processor. I would say, in the mid-range market, as of now this is the most powerful processor that you can get and because of that again no lag or anything that have noticed on this.

Because of it’s almost stock Android experience, it’s very fast phone and this comes with only one variant 6 GB of RAM and I’m happy to say that that 6 GB of RAM handles everything you throw on it. You don’t have to worry about it so that’s actually a nice thing. The storage on Motorola One Fusion Plus is 128 GB which I feel is decent for this price point.

Next if I talk about another small thing, this one has the 3.5mm headphone jack and I have to say the quality of output was actually good on this one. So if you listen to a lot of music and have some good decent a 3.5 mm headphone jack and headphones, you will enjoy the music on this one.

Motorola One Fusion Plus Gaming Review

Motorola One Fusion Plus Gaming Review
Motorola One Fusion Plus Gaming Review / Image Credit:- 91mobiles

Now moving to the gaming review of Motorola One Fusion Plus, as it’s having the Snapdragon 730G, the performance is very good. So again the 730G, as you know, this is the gaming centric chipset and again you can play most of the popular heavy games also without any issues on that one.


Now if we talk about the call quality and network, I would say the network reception is above average. It doesn’t denotes proper bar but I would say it’s slightly over one bar compared to many of the other phones and that is what I noticed in terms of network reception.

Going to the ear peace, the ear peace quality is also good but I won’t say it’s the best, If I have to rate it, I would give it 8.5 out of 10. It’s not like I had any problem but I would say, I have seen better. I’m happy to say that, the speaker is actually pretty loud.

Another thing that I liked is that it does not have any notification light or anything like that physically. But it has motor display, when you pick up the phone your display gets on and you get little dots located at the bottom of time widget. When you press on those dots, that gives you an idea of what’s happening on your Motorola One Fusion Plus.

Motorola One Fusion Plus Camera Review

Motorola One Fusion Plus Camera Review
Motorola One Fusion Plus Camera Review

If you look at the back, it has that quad camera set up, and the main camera is 64 MP, then we have 8 MP ultra-wide, 5 MP is macro and the 2 MP depth sensor.

Motorola One Fusion Plus Front Camera
Motorola One Fusion Plus Front Camera

The front-facing camera is pop up camera and it’s a 16 MP that you’re getting and here are some of the sample shots that I have taken with this Motorola One Fusion Plus.

As you can see the camera performance is actually really good, this is one thing that actually surprised me, even if you look at the skin tones, the skin tones are actually very well.

In fact, even when you take photos in artificial lighting conditions, Motorola One Fusion Plus performed pretty well. Only when the lighting conditions are very low, it struggles a little bit, but that’s the case with most of the mid-range smartphones.

It also has the night mode, and it actually works very well. As you can see the samples taken without the night mode and this was taken in the night mode.

Moving to the front facing camera, it’s that pop-up camera that we are getting and as you can see, front facing camera performance is also very good. It’s a 16 MP but it actually does pixel binning.

Motorola One Fusion Plus Front Camera Review

That means normal shots are actually at 4 MP and yes it does a good job but I felt that the front-facing camera in artificial lighting conditions does struggle up a little bit, hopefully this can be fixed with the help of software update.

Battery and Charging

Now let’s move to one thing that is really impressive on this smartphone and that’s the battery. On paper it has that 5000 mAh battery and I have to say the battery results that I got on this one are amazing. In terms of screen on time, you can get around 9 hours to 11 hours of screen on time.

Motorola One Fusion Plus Battery
Motorola One Fusion Plus Battery Stats

As you can see with this battery stats and in terms of standby time that was also very good for most users. It will give you about two days of battery life and even for heavy users, you can expect about one and a half days of battery life, so that is one thing that really impressed.

In terms of battery life the optimizations, because of that Stock Android, the battery life that we are getting on this phone is excellent.

It comes with a 18W fast charger in the box, so again in terms of battery life I really like that. I feel they could have gone with slightly higher wattage like 25W or something that type.



1. Top-notch battery life
2. Water-repellent body
3. Skilled hardware suitable for gaming on the go
4. Great photo quality with the main camera
5. Good portraits, macro, selfies
6. FM radio, microSD slot, 3.5mm jack


1. Unequal weight distribution
2. The ultrawide camera needs some improvements
3. The video capturing is not very good
4. The display is not amoled
5. No NFC support
6. No LED notification

If you’re looking for a phone without that fits nicely in a budget, in the lower mid-range, the Motorola One Fusion Plus should be at the top of your list.

Motorola One Fusion Plus has great battery life, solid design, amazing screen and good photo quality. Sure there’s no telephoto camera, the ultra-wide cam is the best in this price and the video capture is only decent.

Motorola One Fusion Plus Review
Motorola One Fusion Plus Review

But at this price, this isn’t much of a sacrifice. Even with all the competition like Poco M2 Pro, if you’re looking for a phone that has all the basics elements, let me definitely recommend this one.

So overall I would say for the price point of 17,499 rupees, this is a very good Android phone. Anyways guys that’s it for Motorola Fusion One Plus review.

That wraps up my Motorola One Fusion Plus review, do let me know which smartphone would you buy if you had 17,000 rupees to spend. Would you buy the Motorola One Fusion Plus or some other device also let me know in the comments.

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