20 Best Low MB Games for Android Download

Most people like to play games on a smartphone in their free time. Due to more heavy games, the speed, data and memory of the smartphone are affected. But there are some such games available which are not only low in size but are also full of fun.  

Today we have brought some Low MB Games which will entertain you in your spare time. These low MB games occupy very less space in your phone and can be easily downloaded in very less time.  

1. Racing Moto – Best Low MB Game

Racing Moto is of the most popular bike racing game. This game gives you the option of changing speed of moto in many ways. You will get many views like you can also racing in Desert, Cities and Forest. To control the direction of the moto, just swap your phone. With only 8.1MB of size this game is very light. Also Racing Moto game has more than 100 Million downloads. 

Download Racing Moto

2. Bike Racing 3D

It is clear from the name that Bike racing 3D is a 3D racing game. It is a stint game, you can perform many stunts in this game. Many props has been given in this game like cargo crates and bridges. A time limit is given to complete a level in bike racing 3D game. The size of this game is 16MB. Racing Moto 3D has 100M+ download and an average of 4.3 stars on Google Play Store.

Download Bike Racing 3D

3. Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider is one of the most realistic bike racing games. In a particular time limit you have to complete the level by doching the cars and buses. The size of this mobile game is 82MB which is a bit high from the previous games but this is due to its realistic graphics. The average rating of Traffic rider game is 4.5 stars on Google Play Store. This game has 100M+ downloads.

Download Traffic Rider

4. Traffic Racer

Traffic racer is a car racing / driving game. Traffic Racer has four different playing modes, the gameplay of these four modes is the same. The aim of each turn is to drive the vehicle as best as you can while moving through traffic, until you stumble. An endless mode has been given in this game to record your highest possible score.   

With 4.6 stars, Traffic Racer game is one of the highest rated games on google play store. This game also has 100M+ downloads. You can choose fifteen different vehicles that you can control with your Android device. There are common cars, trucks and vans for you to use, each has its own specialties. The size of this game is 53MB.

Download Traffic Racer

5. Beach Buggy Racing

 Beach Buggy Racing is a 3D racing game made in the style of Mario Kart. Players play ace from different settings of the game such as beaches, cities, deserts and forests. You have to touch the screen to stop or reverse the aces, but you do not have to do this again and again.   

It is possible to win the race by following the rules, Beach Buggy Racing has lots of power-ups and you can slow down the speed of your enemy. Among other things, you can also throw rockets or motor oil at them, you can protect yourself with shields and turbos.    Like other games of this genre, you can customize your vehicles and win new ones too. Beach Buggy Racing is an excellent 3D racing game and offers an interesting option for players looking for a game similar to Mario Kart.The size of this game is 82MB.

Download Beach Buggy Racing 

Best Low MB Puzzle Games 

6. Mekorama

Mekorama is a puzzle that lets you play as a charming little robot finding its way through 50 different levels within this fascinating puzzle game. To do this, you need to select the location on your screen where you want to move the robot. Visuals are minimal and acceptable within this game. Built on low-poly scenes they remind players a bit of Minecraft, although the two games are completely different.   

Mekorama is distributed completely for free and does not include any in-game advertising, which is why its demonetization system is so amazing given the market these days. Simply put, its author simply states that players only pay what they think they are entitled to. If you really enjoy the game to the fullest, you may feel embarrassed for not contributing at least a little bit. The size of Mekorama game is just 5.4MB.

Download Mekorama

7. Roll the Ball

 Roll the Ball is an addictive puzzle game. There are 300 levels with different difficulty modes: Initial, Medium, Difficult, Aggregate, and Extreme. Each mode has 60 difficult puzzles that you have to try to solve in minimum moves – or risk taking fewer than three stars. To move the toilets, use your fingers to move them wherever you want, adding them as you like.   

You can only move one toile at a time, and you cannot jump over a toile that is already there. As you move forward, some toils will be permanently stuck in one place, or the countdown will happen to release the ball. If you are stuck and cannot find a solution, then you can always ask for a hint. The size of Roll the ball game is 40MB.

Download Roll the Ball

8. Brain Out

Brain out game is very good to stretch your brain and to pass some time. I really like the way your creators work to make riddles and puzzles. I really appreciate them. One of the hardest levels are the ones with the most unusual answer, even though there is a hint key I try to avoid it and use the brain of mine. I really like the way your creators have made Brain Out game. The size of Brain Out game is 47MB. This game has more than 100M+ downloads on Google Play Store.

Download Brain Out

9. Brain Games

  Brain Games is a fun logical game, in which you can enjoy yourself even while doing brain exercises. With the help of this app, you will get the facility to play innumerable entertaining minigames, which you will be able to check and enhance your mental capacity while playing. The games in this app seem simple at the beginning, but you will be surprised to see how challenging they can ultimately prove to be.   

In most minigames you have to complete the goal before the time runs out. This app includes psychometric and intellectual games, which check your memory, rationality, maneuver, stereoscopic sharpness, and agility, among other things. Through these simple games you can keep your mind young and playful for as long as possible. The size if Brain Games is 12MB. 

Download Brain Games

10. Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop is a puzzle game with a simple concept: you have to rotate the pieces that you see spread around the screen to create full and infinite shapes. Once you pass the first hundred levels, you can also play in dark mode, where you basically have to do the opposite from normal levels: disconnect all pieces. Courtesy of Infinity Look’s endless characters, you’ll spend a lot of time in front of your screen resolving puzzles, making the soundtrack particularly important, and the game doesn’t disappoint.   

It provides relaxing tunes that make it a pleasure to continue playing the game. Infinity Loop is an excellent puzzle game that offers an original and addictive gameplay and lots of content … in fact, infinite content. The size of Infinity Loop game is 12MB.

Download Infinity Loop game

Best Low MB Action Games 

11. Modern Sniper

  Modern Sniper is a first-person shooting game. In some missions of this sniping game you will have to kill dozens of enemies, while in others you will have only one objective. The gameplay in Modern Sniper is symbolic for this genre: you slide your finger across the screen to aim and press the fire button to shoot your weapon.   

Modern Sniper is very simple and entertaining first-person shooting game. It may not be the best in the genre, but it is still a good video game with enough variety to keep you entertained for hours. The size of Modern Sniper game is just 10MB.

Download Modern Sniper

12. Dead Reaper

Dead reaper is an action game. A variety of weapons are given to you to shoot zombies. Dead reaper ia an action and shooting game. You can view the location of zombies and also your own location on map. Dead reaper game has 1M+ downloads and ratings of 4.1 stars on Google Play Store. The size of Dead Reaper game is 24MB.

Download Dead Reaper

13. Stickman and Gun 3

  Stickman and Gun 3 is a zombie shoting game. You have to shoot zombies with guns in this game. You are given 3 weapon with limited bullets. You can use a medikit in this game to restore your health. This is an endless zombie shooting game.  The size of this game is very low that is 2.7MB. The Stickman and Gun 3 game is created by 1MB Games. Stickman and Gun 3 game got 4.2 stars on Google play Store.

Download Stickman and Gun 3

Best Low MB Cricket Games 

14. Doodle cricket

  The special thing of this doodle is that a very fun game is also started, including the search results related to the tournament. In this game you can play by clicking and rotating the bat and hitting the ball. In this very beautifully made game, the batsman is a cricket (beetle) and the fielders are snails.   

In this, when the ball comes from the front, you have to click according to the timing.  Not only this, in this game can be run by taking sixes, including taking runs.  Google says about its game that it also works on slow to slow network.

Download Doodle Cricket 

15. World Cricket Championship

  World Cricket Championship Lt is an entertaining cricket game that lets you play the character of a star cricketer. Your objective is to win your team in all three modes: World Cricket Championship, World Premier League and Super Fantasy Cricket League. Before playing your first big match, you must complete an academic that teaches you where to stand on the field and how to hit the ball properly.   

After academic, you are on your own; But if you are still suspected of playing against your rivals or you just want to improve your technique, you can always play in practice mode. You have to choose your team’s lineup carefully and make sure that every player stands in the right place in the field according to his skill. Challenge your friends by connecting the app to various social networks and show everyone that you have the best reactivity and skills. The size of this Cricket Championship game is 57MB.

Download World Cricket Championship

16. Real Cricket GO

  Real Cricket GO is a cricket game in which you can choose from a dozen national teams, including India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Ireland or Nepal, and participate in intense games and international competitions.   The controls of Real Cricket GO are very intuitive, and also represent how to play before each game.  

At the start of each match, the coin is tossed to ensure which team batting first so that you can plan your plan accordingly depending on whether your team is batting first. By any means, your objective should always be to get a good score from the opposing team, so hit as many balls as you can in between stands.  

Overall, Real Cricket GO is an amazing cricket game that offers a variety of teams, different control modes, different camera views, and two different game modes too … all in just 35MB! And, as if all this was not enough, Real Cricket GO also has good graphics.

Download Real Cricket GO

Best Low MB simulation Games 

17. Dr. Parking 4

  Dr. Parking 4 is a driving game. In this driving game the challenge is to park your vehicle accurately and reaching the final line. The control system of Parking 4 is extremely simple: on the left side of the screen are two pedals that can be accelerated and brakes applied, and on the right side is a steering wheel that can control the vehicle.   

Dr. Parking 4 has more than eighty levels and more than six vehicles to unlock. When you unlock new cars, you can take advantage of the new levels specially designed for that type of vehicle. In general, the first few levels are extremely easy, but only highly skilled drivers will be able to pass higher levels. The size of this car driving game is only 13MB.

Download Dr. Parking 4

18. Whale Shark Attack Simulation

Whale Shark Attack is a game that makes you an extremely alive ocean shark and forces you to swim in the ocean in search of prey. If you want to experience becoming a big fish, then you should try this addictive game once. In Whale Shark Attack, your mission is simple: you have to follow the instinct of the shark and go hunting.   

In order to find water and succeed in catching innocent prey in your jaw, your shark has to control that you are a shark yourself. For this, there are some controls on the screen – joysticks to control direction and speed, buttons to float near or away from the surface, two more buttons to attack and hold. All of these, along with finding the entire setting, can also hunt all the underwater creatures and the humans who appear in your path.

Download Whale Shark Attack Simulation 

19. Car Driving Simulator- Stunt Ramp

  Car Driving Simulator- Stunt Ramp is a driving Simulator game in which you have to drive cars from kne building to another by breaking glass. You hace to keep the speed of your vehicle very high to perform stunts. The ratings of this car simulation game is 3.9 stars on Google play Store. This game is created by Game Pickle.

The download of this game is only 1M which is very less as compared to the other games which has been shown in this article. The size of this car Driving Simulator game is 50MB.

Download Car Driving Simulator- Stunt Ramp

20. Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Run behind the wheel of one of the fastest cars in the world and through a blank but where you can play almost anything without damage, without causing harm or destroying your car. Extreme Car Driving Simulator is basically an app in free-driving mode that lets you perform heart-stopping stunts and jump around a city or better understand how a car responds to certain road conditions.     

This simulation app has two additional game modes: point mode and traffic mode. If you want to take your car to the limit, then donuts or burning rubber like a real car, Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a good app to do it. The size of this car Simulation game is only 53MB.

Download Extreme Car Driving Simulator 

I hope you like this list of Top 20 Best Low MB Games. If yes, then don’t forget to share this list with your friends.

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