iPhone 12 Pro Max spotted on Antutu

The iPhone 12 Pro Max Antutu Benchmark Scores has been out and it seems like it’s coming with 6 GB of RAM, iOS 14 and Apple A14 Bionic chip which is based on 5nm process.

The initial Antutu benchmarks scores of the iPhone 12 are quite shocking. A few days back apple made the iPad Air 4 official with A14 bionic CPU. It’s the same chipset which is gonna power the iPhone 12 this year. They said it’s 40% powerful than the A12 bionic which means it is 20% to 30% powerful than the last year’s A13 bionic.

So the iPhone 12 Pro Max scores 5,72,999 and that’s an amazing score, the highest in any iPhone right now. The CPU score is 1,67,527 and the GPU score is 2,22,071. These scores are not higher than Qualcomm’s 865+ CPU like the ROG Phone 3 is 6,15,000 right now and the Oneplus 8 pro with 865 CPU is 6,10,000.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Antutu Scores
iPhone 12 Pro Max Antutu Scores

If you compare the scores of iPhone 12 to them, they are not even higher than Qualcomm’s 865 CPU. I cannot imagine what the 875 is gonna bring with the 5nm process and all the improvements, it’s gonna destroy A14 bionic in the benchmarks scores.

Snapdragon with Android cannot beat the optimization performance in daily usage that you’re gonna see in the iPhone 12. Due to these scores, media is gonna say iphone 12 got destroyed by Qualcomm 865+ CPU but that’s just benchmarks.

The real life performance, the performance after using a phone for a few months is what you should calculate if you want to see the actual gap between the performance of two smartphones.

Here’s the graph comparing the last year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max vs upcoming iPhone 12 Pro Max and the CPU sees tiny bit improvement.

The UX and GPU are nearly same, so it’s not a huge gap from last year’s iPhone and this means if you’re using iPhone 11, you should not fo for iPhone 12 in case you’re looking for a major performance boost.

There’s also no 120Hz, so I think iPhone 11 Pro Max is good to go for another year. However, in terms of the camera, of course you’re gonna see a huge improvement thanks to new Lidar sensor and new image processing in the A14 bionic.

This benchmarks also shows the iPhone 12 Pro Max is coming with 6 GB of RAM and iOS 14.1 and with the starting price of $699, it’s gonna be an amazing buy. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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