iPad Air 4 and iPad 8: Price in India

Apple has launched two new series of iPads and seems like these iPads are actually outperforming the iPad Pros and they’re cheaper than them. So let’s know about them.

First up we have the 8th generation iPads which have gotten some much needed upgrades powered by the A12 bionic chips which we saw on the iPhone 10s. Honestly speaking they’re still quite powerful, these are the ones that start from ₹29,900.

Next they launch the iPad Air which has new A14 bionic, making it more powerful than even the A13 inside the iPad Pro and they start at ₹54,900 which is way less than the price of iPad Pros.

Now let’s quickly go through the major changes that Apple has introduced in these products.

iPad 8th Generation

Starting with the 8th generation iPads, the design hasn’t changed much we still have bezels around the 10.2 inch IPS panel which is a retina display. The forehead is still there and it holds the HD camera which is at 1.2 MP.

iPad 8th Generation
iPad 8th Generation

In fact both the front as well as the rear cameras have remained the same, so 8 MP f/2.4 snapper to the back and then taking a look at the rest of the renders, the touch id sensor is present to the bottom and the left retains the smart connector.

Like the 2019 model, the 2020 model too has support for the first generation apple pencil which I’m not a fan of given how it needs to be charged. We can also connect a smart keyboard to it and thanks to iPadOS 14, the new 2020 iPad has full support for a keyboard as well as a trackpad.

If a lot of this seems familiar, that’s mainly because this is the entry level iPad and the only big change from the 2019 model is one that we mentioned before it’s a bump up in processing power from the A10 Fusion to the A12 Bionic. So this technically should result in better performance across the board.

I wish I could confirm if the new iPad 2020 has more RAM but sadly that isn’t the spec that Apple reveals. Same goes for the battery as well, but if i had to guess I’m gonna say that Apple didn’t tinker around much with them.

iPad 8 Price in India

So that’s it for the iPad 2020 edition. It starts from ₹29,900 for Wi-Fi only and goes up to ₹41,900 for Wi-Fi + LTE version. This pricing is for the 32 GB storage variants, Apple also provide the iPad 8th generation with a higher 128 GB of internal storage.

iPad Air 4th Generation

For the new iPad Air, it’s got a ton of improvements all around the board. Apple has chosen to go with a new borderless look which reminds me of the iPad Pro. It has thin bezels all around with no space for the round home button.

iPad Air 4
iPad Air 4

Instead of going with face ID, Apple has chosen to integrate the touch Id sensor into the power button of the new iPad Air. The dimensions are still the same which is how apple has managed to cram in a slightly bigger 10.9 inch liquid retina panel.

We have more screen real estate and the new iPad Air is supposed to get brighter and sport a wider color gamut. Unfortunately, the refresh rate here is still the standard 60Hz.

Apple is also promising better quality pictures with the new iPad Air thanks to an improved 12 MP rear snapper. As for the front we have the same 7 MP selfie shooter, the rest of the device looks and feels pretty much the same except for two other small changes.

  1. The lighting connector at the bottom has now been replaced by a Type-C port.
  2. The ipad air 2020 now supports the latest generation Apple pencil.
    We also get some new colors, there’s the usual silver, space gray and rose gold followed by green and sky blue color options. The biggest change of all is with the internals.
iPad Air 4th generation
iPad Air 4th generation

Like the 8th generation iPad, the iPad Air 2020 has also gotten a spec upgrade. Apple has chosen to equip these with the latest A14 bionic chips. These are the chips that we are expecting to see in this year’s iPhone and probably later on even in the iPad Pro.

But as of now, the iPad Air 2020 is the only device with the latest generation of Apple chips and that means, for now it enjoys a pretty significant power bump.

This comes with 40 % faster CPU performance 30% faster graphics and a whopping 70% faster machine learning compared A12 Bionic.

Apple claims that with a full-fledged smart keyboard, mouse and the Apple pencil, we should be able to do everything from basic computing tasks to taking notes and even edit 4k videos on the new iPad Air.

iPad Air 4 Price in India

iPad Air 4th Gen starts from ₹ 54,900 for the Wi-fi Version and goes up to ₹ 66,900 for the Wifi + LTE version, these both of the variant comes with 64 GB of internal storage.

Final words

That’s all from my side but I want to know what you guys think about these new iPads along with the tablets? Apple has also released the Apple Watch 6 and the apple watch SE yesterday. Is that something you guys are interested in? Let me know in the comments below.

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