Harmony OS 2.0 Features, Everything you need to know

Huawei Harmony OS 2.0 is official. After the initial announcement of the Harmony OS 1.0, Huawei has moved things to the next level by finally announcing the Harmony OS 2.0 for many devices including smartphones.

Huawei says that Harmony OS 2.0 is not just a software, it’s a complete ecosystem. Meaning it’s not only for phones, tablets and watches but it’s also for kitchen appliances. It is for everything that can run software, from your smart fridge to your smart tv.

Harmony OS 2.0 can be applied to everything, it’s made by using an adaptive framework which means that developers will only need to make their applications once and that one application can be used for phones, watches and tablets.

It’s super optimized and i think it’s gonna be very convenient to build application for this software.

Huawei says that they currently have 1.8 million developers from around the world building stuff for HMS services which includes huawei’s own app, gallery store and some other services.

All existing Huawei phones that are running EMUI 11 can be updated to the Harmony OS 2.0 and Huawei has said that their first smartphone with Harmony OS 2.0 will come officially in 2021.

They further explained that Harmony OS 2.0 has the highest security certification which is CC EAL5+. They further confirmed that the first beta of the Harmony OS 2.0 will be made available for watches and smart TVs.

Whereas for smartphons, the first beta of Harmony OS is coming in December 2020.
It is a open source software and anyone can work on this project and of course this software is not just for Huawei phones.

Any smartphone manufacturer can use Harmony OS, so just like Android they have made this completely open source. But again, it’s not going to be coming with Google services.

Now they didn’t show off how the Harmony OS 2.0 will look on a smartphone, but rumor says that the look and feel will be very similar to the EMUI 11.

  • Harmony OS vs Android vs EMUI – What’s the difference?

The difference between the EMUI 11 and Harmony OS is that EMUI 11 is based on Android which is and OS and Harmony OS 2.0 is an another OS just like android.

  • Harmony OS – main highlights

Firther Huawei said that it’s got a 10 millisecond fast response which means that applications opening times will be really really quick.

Huawei briefly mentioned on stage that their spotlight search on Harmony OS 2.0 is actually faster than the spotlight search you see on iOS.

I will say that the competition is nice to have. If you look at past couple of years, only android and iOS are dominating the game and the thought of having a third software system is just completely insane.

So if any company that has a slight chance of pulling this off is, that is Huawei. Their Harmony OS 2.0 is looking kind of promising, so it’s nice that it’s finally coming out.

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