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Google Pixel 5 leaked in live images, could be called Pixel 5s



Google Pixel 5 leaked in live images, could be called Pixel 5s

The Google Pixel 5 is the most high end flagship from google and this year we will see this smartphone with some not so high end specifications and not so great design.

Mexican tech blogger Jose Antonio Ponton tweeted the two genuine-looking images that you can see below. He claims that these images are of Google’s next flagship phone. One of them is just the phone’s About page, it actually shows us some interesting details.

In the Google Pixel 5 leaked live images, there’s no Pixel 5xl or something like that, infact the model name here shows Pixel 5s.

Google Pixel 5 leaked in live images, could be called Pixel 5s

Before diving deep do note the expected pricing of Pixel 5 is $650 and the iPhone 12 is coming at $699. So while reading all these specifications, keep that price in mind.

This can be nearly a 5.7 inches OLED display with a huge punch hole selfie shooter, it’s better than the Pixel 3 xl’s notch and the Pixel 4 huge top and of course iPhone’s notch.

There’s is android 11 out of the box and that change is really good which is a great thing. Back design is like the Pixels 4a, we’ve got the same plastic body and same color option, rear facing fingerprint scanner and dual rear cameras. One is wide angle and one is main shooter.

Google is also adding a focus sensor in there while is not a huge upgrade over the Pixel 4xl, because they are likely using the same camera sensor and of course the design is also OK for a $650 smartphone.

You are getting 90 hertz display which is good, there is wireless charging and IP68 certification. There is no headphone jack in the Pixel 5s which is not shocker at all.

The Pixel 4a 5G is getting headphone jack. So you can also get this on the Pixel 4a 5G. If you compare Pixel 5s with the iPhone 12, you are getting a secure face id in the iPhone 12 and A14 bionic which completely destroys the 765G CPU in the Pixel 5. Then iPhone’s camera and software is also just amazing.

If iPhone 12’s expected pricing is somewhat true, if they priced it at $600 , then there is no match for the iPhone 12. This year Apple is likely unleashing its iPhone series in October and google is expected to launch the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G in late September or 4th october.

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