Exynos 7904 vs Snapdragon 675: which is best ?

In the last few years, Samsung has made its name among the chipset manufacturers by making Exynos series chipsets based on its ARM. These processors, like Qualcomm and MediaTek, continue to hold good positions in the mid-range market. Some time ago, Samsung introduced the 7904 processor of its Exynos 7 series. We are making a comparison of Exynos 7904 vs Snapdragon675.

Exynos 7904 vs Snapdragon 675 – specifications 

 Exynos 7904Snapdragon 675
Release dateJanuary 2019April 2019
SeriesExynos7Snapdragon 600
2x Cortex A73 
@1.8 GHz
2x Cortex A76 
6x Cortex A53 
@1.6 GHz
6x Cortex A55 
Process14nm finET14nm LPE
GPUARM Mali-G71 MP2Andreno 612
VideoUpto 4K 30fpsUp to 4K 30fps, 
1080p @120 FPS
ModemSamsung Exynos 12 LTEQualcomm® Snapdragon™ X12 LTE
ISPUnknown Spectra 250L
StorageeMC 5.1eMC 5.1 / UFS 2.1
Connectivity Cat.13 2CA 1
50Mbps (UL)
Cat.13 2CA 
150Mbps (UL)
Camera25MP / 16MP + 16MP32MP / 16MP + 16MP 

It can be said that the Exynos 7904 chipset is designed keeping in mind the Indian market. The recently launched Samsung Galaxy M20 smartphone has been launched with Exynos 7904 chipset which is one of the best selling Samsung smartphone in terms of smartphone market share. However, it cannot be said right now that this chipset will be seen in markets other than India or it will be available in India.

Exynos 7904 vs Snapdragon 675 – CPU Comparison

The Exynos 7904 can be seen in Samsung’s mid-range smartphones. It is equipped with 2 x ARM Cortex-A73 high-end course for heavy duty task which is clocked at 1.8GHz and for basic activity it is equipped with and 6 x ARM Cortex-A53 which is clocked at 1.6GHz. Looking at the specs sheet, it can be said that 7904 is not for more power consuming apps.

Thr smartphone with the help of which we can compare these processors is Samsung Galaxy M30 and Redmi Note 7 Pro

Exynos 7904 vs Snapdragon 675
Exynos 7904 vs Snapdragon 675

Looking at the specifications, the Exynos 7904 makes a place between Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 636 and 632. The Snapdragon 636 is more powerful with its 4 x Cortex A73 Kryo course. Its Adreno 509 GPU and support for UFS storage brings it above the new Exynos chip.

Exynos 7904 vs Snapdragon 675 – GPU Comparison

The A73 core will handle more intensive tasks, but it won’t work easily if you’re multi-tasking. Even the Mali-G71MP2 GPU has not been able to assure its graphic processing capabilities. This chipset cannot be expected to handle heavy games like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660.   Currently, the Snapdragon 636 is being considered by Qualcomm as a standard mid-range chipset. The SD630 / 632 is seen in lower mid-range phones, while the SD670 / 710 is seen in upper mid-ranger phones.

Which one has better performance? 

The performance of the Snapdragon 632 is quite similar when compared to Exynos 7904. But here too, Qualcomm’s chipset surpasses Samsung’s Exynos 7904 in some aspects. The SD632 offers four performance courses, while the Exynos splash comes with only two performance courses. If the CPU and GPU are viewed together then the Qualcomm chip is better in terms of Exynos 7904 specs. 

But in some places the Exynos model proves to be much better. For example, this chip supports LPDDR4X and Cat 12/13 (download / upload). Its ISP is also better than SD632 so the Exynos 7904 can be placed between SD636 and SD632.

Exynos 7904 vs Snapdragon 675 – Camera

If the Exynos 7904 is compared to the 7885, only in a particular area does this chipset look better. The new chip has enhanced its ISP so that it will support 32MP + 32MP (front + rear) or dual 16MP + 16MP or triple camera. This new chipset can handle triple rear camera. According to the report, the third camera can act like a wide angle sensor or bokeh sensor. The Exynos 7904 may outperform the 7885 in just a few aspects.

Which one is better?

From the above information we can conclude that Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 is better than Exynos 7904. Now lwt mw lnow in the comments, which one is best in your opinion.

Exynos 7904 vs Snapdragon 675 – FAQs

Is Exynos 7904 good for gaming?

Yes, Exynos is good for gaming but if we compare it with Snapdragon, you will get a slightly better performance on the Snapdragon chip.

Can we play PUBG on Exynos 7904?

Yes, you can play PUBG on Exynos 7904.

Which one is better: Exynos 7904 or Snapdragon 675

Snapdragon 675 is much better than Exynos 7904

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