Exynos 1000 beats Snapdragon 865 and Apple A13 Bionic

The Samsung Exynos 1000 finally defeats qualcomm snapdragon 875. It seems like we have heavily underrated Samsung’s next big thing after the disappointment with the Exynos 990. Samsung has decide to take down Qualcomm on its own without AMD.

According to the leaked geekbench 5 scores, the Exynos 1000 beats Qualcomm 875 in both single and multi-core scores. We have a pretty noticeable difference in the scores. The Exynos 1000 not only beats 875 in the Galaxy S21, but also in Xiaomi Mi 11.

Benchmark scores of Exynos 1000
Benchmark scores of Exynos 1000

Both Exynos 1000 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 are octa-core chips, we have one ARM X1 super high core, three ARM A78 high performance cores and finally four cortex A55 low efficient performance cores.

They both are using Samsung’s 5nm nanometer process but Exynos 1000 is reportedly clocked higher than the Qualcomm 875 which may be the reason for its edge in the CPU scores. This is purely CPU scores we don’t know how much the difference there will be when it comes to the graphical performance.

Samsung will be utilizing the latest ARM Mali-G78 GPU which is a 16 core GPU whereas Qualcomm 875 will rock Andreno GPU. In my opinion qualcomm might have an edge when it comes to the gpu performance but I still feel it’s gonna be a very close battle.

Exynos 1000 vs Snapdragon 865 vs Apple A13 Bionic
Exynos 1000 vs Snapdragon 865 vs Apple A13 Bionic

Now Exynos 1000 destroys the existing Qualcomm chip by a mile, if we compare the scores with the Qualcomm 865 chip that is currently the best in the android right now. In comparison to the A13 chip inside the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the single core is on par but the big gains are in the multi-core score.

That’s because Exynos 1000 is a 8 core chip vs the 6 cores on the iPhone and since A14 is also a 6 core chip, it might also lose to Exynos 1000 when it comes to multi-core scores but it might be better than the Exynos 1000 when it comes to single core scores. Everything will be revealed officially by Apple in October.

Seems like things are back on track. Samsung has learned a big lesson with the Exynos 990 drama. Still to this day, they haven’t mentioned or admitted that Exynos 990 is not on par with Qualcomm 865 which is very very obvious.

I’m pretty sure they don’t want to repeat the same thing next year which is why Samsung is doing everything they can to bring the Exynos 1000 on par or better than the 875 without AMD GPU.

Speaking of AMD GPU, according to Ice Universe, in 2022 Samsung will be implementing the AMD graphics with its Exynos CPU to become the best smartphone chip maker in the world. That’s all the latest news about the Exynos 1000.

I have to say I am super excited and optimistic for the Exynos 1000 chip. As always I’ll keep you guys updated with the latest stuff, so don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter.

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