Top 5 Best UI skins for Android (2021)

Top 5 Best UI skins for Android

In this article you will find some the best UI skins for android. So lets begin with a short introduction to Android UI skins.

In Android there are many skins or UI (User Interface) skins like Oxygen OS, stock android, funtouch OS, Color OS, EMUI and OneUI which has been installed in the android device for better user experience. 

As the name (android skin) itself suggests, the Android on which the skin is given. Which means that it is not a pure version, it is customized. Some companies also do customization so that they can provide some different features to the user. Which includes some apps and many different features.

So, in this clutter of android skins we are going to find out best UI for android and which android skin is better and why?

Now let’s know the features of these user interface skins.

OxygenOS (Oneplus)

Oxygen OS is a customized version of Android which has been made for OnePlus mobiles by Chinese smartphone brand. Oxygen OS is one of the fastest skins of android. It was developed for the overseas market. Oxygen is set to be the default operating system for the upcoming OnePlus devices, but it can also be installed over its predecessor.

Apart from this, the new update improves performance of the battery and also fix bugs in Google Photos Integration. You can also find a small list of changelog here. According to me Oxygen OS is the best UI skins for android.

Features of Oxygen OS: –

Gestures:- Through Gestures we can work in oneplus mobile. Like when we lock the screen of mobile then we have to open the lock to open the camera in other android mobile but in oneplus by creating “O” in the lock screen, we can start the camera and by creating “V” we can turn on the Flashlight. We can do all this in oneplus mobile through Oxygen OS.

Speed:- Due to Oxygen OS operating system, the speed of Android phone increases. So that if we have to open an application, that application opens immediately.

Setting:- Setting can be configured immediately, and notifications are found in the Dropdown menu. This allows the old settings to be rearranged so that they can be pulled around the new interface.


Over all Oxygen OS is a well optimized UI which fulfills all the basic needs of a smartphone user and it is fast and smooth.

Stock Android (Google)

Stock Android was first introduced by Google with its device. After that, recently many companies have introduced phones based on stock Android. These include Nokia, Xiaomi Mi A1, Panasonic Eluga Ray 500 and many more phones. Stock Android means Pure Android. Pure Android can be Pie, android 10 or any other Android version.

At the same time, some companies are now testing pure Android to the user by offering the phone on stock Android. Google has always been offering stock android in its devices.

Features of Stock Android: –

Updates:- It is very easy for a smartphone brand to issue updates on a device running on Stock android. Android OS updates, securirty patches, or other updates has been  provided by Google for the first time.

Smoothness:- Stock android is free from any type of bloatware and unnecessary apps. Thus, it functions quite smoothly.

Performance:- It performs better than any other ROMs. The battery life of any phone in which stock android is used is more than the battery of any other phone.


Stock android is the simplest UI skin from all of the other android skins. Most of the people believe that Stock android is the best UI for android. Is it true? Actually Yes, but only for normal usage. Oxygen OS is better option than stock android. You shall get updates on time. But you have to compromise with basic features.

OneUI (Samsung)

One UI (user interface) is the custom skin of one of the largest tech brand Samsung. OneUI is full of featues and gestures. In the past it was only being provided to premium Samsung smartphones. But now Samsung has started to issue OneUI update to its mide range smartphone series like Samsung Galaxy A series and Samsung Galaxy M series.

OneUI is particularly made for one-hand usage. It is very faster as compared to Experience UI ( previous UI of Samsung). You will get smooth and comfortable user experience with it. In OneUI the app icons are rounded from the corners.

Features of OneUI:-

Customization:- OneUi contains many customizations like – You can hide any particular app from home screen, you can use two applications at the same time with the help of split screen feature.

Game launcher:- For the gamers Samsung has given a dedicated game launcher which increases the speed of processor which results in better gaming performance.

Useful features:- Apart from the above features there are other little customizations which improves your over-all experience in the regular mobile tasks. These are – Night mode and Blue light filter. These features allows you to use your smartphone in low light without any strain to your eyes.


One UI is popular due to its One-hand usage ease. The newer version of OneUI which is OneUI 2.0 is the second best UI for android mobile. It is full of customization and features. It is well optimized for amoled screens.

MIUI (Xiaomi / Redmi)

The MIUI is designed in such a way that it will provide an always-on experience. Xiaomi is already offering a clock style feature in its Redmi K20 Series phones. However, Xiaomi is expanding the existing experience with MIUI 11, now with MIUI 11 will get a dynamic clock which will always place on Always-On, Lock Screen.

Features of MIUI:-

Xiaomi has also given an option to add symmetrical pattern to the lock screen in the update. The company claims that these patterns are inspired by the Kaleidoscope. 

MIUI users can also add their own custom code or messages that will appear on the lock screen. With MIUI 11, Xiaomi will provide a notification light-like experience directly on the screen.

Now, even if there is no notification light in your phone, you will get notification alerts through the on-screen notification effect.


The new animation and design of MIUI is very impressive. The animations looks smooth. The icons looks very colorful.

Color OS (Oppo)

Color OS was launched in 2013, initially it was not that good and it was full of bloatware. Oppo enhanced its UI by pushing updates. It is generally inspired from Apple’s IOS. It is overall a decent skin for android. Color OS comes woth inbuilt camera 2 API support.

Features of color OS:-

For performance, Oppo has worked on better RAM management and with the new upgrade, it also boasts of 40% fast start-up time and 30% system performance boost. For better gaming experience, ColorOS 7 has also given you better gaming and touch response.

Focus mode is now given the game space, inspired by Google’s digital well-being. New features like Portrait Mode 2.0, Extreme Night Mode Mode and Super Steady Mode are also provided in the camera application.

The gallery application has also been optimized for quick editing and sharing. Oppo’s new smart assistant, named Breeno, now supports time and location based automated action and hands-free driving modes.


Color OS is a minimal UI skin. The Hyper Boost technology improves the gaming performance.

Final words on best UI skins for Android

Custom UI is important as it gives addtional features which is missing in the stock android, but smartphone brands include bloatware and unnecessary apps. In my opinion, the Oxygen OS is the best UI skin for mobile devices. 

As I earlier said- Oxygen OS is my favorite and best UI skin for android. Let me know which one is the best ui skin for android in your opinion.

What’s your favorite UI among these? Let me know in the comments.

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FAQs about android UI

Which is the best UI for android smartphone?

Oxygen OS is the best UI for android.

Which is better Miui or OneUI?

OneUI is better than MIUI, because there are no ads in the OneUI. MIUI is full of ads by default.

How can I make my Android UI better?

OneUI is better than MIUI, because there are no ads in the OneUI. MIUI is full of ads by default.

Which is better Oxygen OS or Stock android?

Oxygen OS is better than Stock android. It has many useful features and customization options. Stock android doesn’t offer many feature as compared to Oxygen OS.

Is Color OS better than stock Android?

No, color os is not better than stock android. It contains bloatware while stock android not.

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