8 Best Camera Apps for Android 2021

All the mobile companies around the globe are now putting more money, better technology and more attention on the phone’s camera. So why not give you the list of best camera apps for android to upgrade the quality of your picture.

So, here is good news for Android phone users. There are many such camera apps on Google Play, which can give you a better photo experience.

The special thing is that these apps are free. There are many options from editing to improving the photo quality, which can be used easily. We have chosen best camera apps for Android devices. Take a look at these apps.

Detailed Description of Best camera apps for Android

Google Camera – Best camera app

Google camera is similar to the pre-installed camera app of your Android phone, but it also has many basic and advanced features for example you can do 360-degree photography with its help. 

Google camera also has many useful feature like Lens Blur Mode, which allows you to focus the main objects and defocus the other objects like a DSLR camera. Apart from this, photo sphere, panoramic mode has also been improved. It supports your Android Wear.



Before coming to the Android platform, VSCO Cam has also been popular in Apple’s iOS users. If you are interested in editing and special effects along with better photography, then this app is a ‘one-stop shop’ for you. That means both the features in a single camera application. 

This app gives you the option to do basic control as well as pre-set effects and much more manually. That is, you can use this application better and better based on your creativity. Through this, sharing on social media and other platforms is also easy.


Camera MX

This camera and editing app also has many features of special effects. Along with basic features like tap to focus, zoom, timer, it has an FX menu, which has many filters, frames and photo effects. It also has many features to balance white balance, contrast and color. This app has rating of 4.4 stars on the Google Play Store.


Open Camera

Open camera is the lightest(1.8MB) camera app from all of the given camera apps. This camera app has 10 million plus downloads and it has an average rating of 4.2 stars. It gives you the full control over the pictures.


Camera FV5

Camera FV-5 is also a professional camera app, in this app you can easily click on a good photo by adjusting the camera settings manually. In this app you can take image in many formats such as JPEG, PNG and RAW DNG. This app is a very good option for taking professional level photos.


Camera 360 Ultimate

This camera app is special in the sense that it has many shot modes. Through this, you can do better photography quickly and with less editing. Equipped with features like special effects and tilt-shift camera, this app also has a selfie mode for the lovers of Selfie.



If you take more photos from the front camera of the mobile, it means to say that if you are a selfie lover like me, then B612 Camera App will be right for you. Because this app has been developed to take only good selfies. In this, you will find a lot of filters, which is also a lot of fun while using this camera app.


Manual Camera

This camera app is beneficial for those smartphone users who have basic knowledge of photography as well as basic information about the camera. The camera settings can be set manually through this app. This app gives the photographer direct control over all the features including shutter speed, focus etc.


So that’s it, this was the list of best camera apps for android devices. Comment below your favorite android camera app.

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