Top 10 Best Android Launchers (2021 UPDATED)

The selection of worthy launchers on the Google Play Store is very difficult. To make your task easy, I have choosen 10 best Android launchers on the basis of their functionality and features.

If you don’t like the look of your homepage, you can change the full look and feel of your smartphone by downloading a launcher. A fresh launcher can completely transform your smartphone.

Here is the list of 10 best Android Launchers:

Detailed Description of Top 10 Best Android Launchers of 2021

1. Nova launcher – Best Android Launcher

Price: Free

Nova Launcher is a launcher that gives you the freedom to customize almost every aspect of your home screen, icons and folders. This is a handy, fast and snappy android launcher. One of the best feature of Nova Launcher is is its outstanding graphic quality.

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In addition to artistic matters, Nova Launcher allows you to customize the gesture you use on your mobile. You can shake by setting a shortcut on your Android device. You can also customize the size, shape and layout of the icons. In my opinion Nova launcher is the best android launcher for your smartphone.

Download Nova launcher 

2. Hyperion Launcher

Price: Free

If you prefer even deeper customisation then definitely check out Hyperion launcher. Hyperion is an android launcher created by the team behind Substratum.

This is a really interesting launcher that gathers the best aspects of launchers like Pixel Launcher or Nova Launcher and provides innovative elements to create a new experience.

The settings of Hyperion launcher includes:

  • Some smart gesture support for easier one-handed use
  • Plenty of control of the UI theme
  • Cool Icon presentation
  • The ability to add folders to your apps drawer and basically so much stuff.

If you don’t like Nova’s approach, where you’ve got that nice stock android vibe and deep customizations. Then definitely check out Hyperion launcher.

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At first glance, there’s little to distinguish hyperion from the pixel launcher but like Nova, you could basically piddle about with pretty much every aspect of the UI (User Interface).

All the features you’d expect are packed away in those settings including some smart gesture support for easier one-handed use.

So there’s plenty of control over the UI theming including the color schemes animations and the icons as well as the ability to add folders to your app drawer and basically so much stuff.

I could even possibly go into all of the loveliest bits right here and best of all it stays a silky smooth experience.

To unlock all of the features you, will have to stump up for the pro version, although that was less than two quid and it’s a one-off fee, so not exactly bank breaking.

Hyperion is an excellent launcher that invites you to configure it any way you want. Hyperion launcher is one of the best android launchers of android.

Download Hyperion launcher 

3. Customized Pixel launcher

Price: Free

Like Nova and Hyperion, you’ll get a very similar vibe from customized pixel launcher. CPL offers a stock Android look and feel. Pretty much every feature found in Customized Pixel launcher can be adjusted to some degree with a mind-boggling array of toggles and sliders.

You can try different transitions, animations, gesture and shortcuts to fast access to notifications and settings. You can even add fingerprint identification to 20 sensitive apps that you don’t want other people to open.

 Download Customized Pixel launcher 

4. Lawnchair launcher

Price: Free

The fourth launcher in this list of best android launchers is Lawnchair launcher. If you want an android launcher that doesn’t mess with that stock Android look and feel then the lawnchair launcher is just for you.

The good news about this android launcher is that the version 2 of this streamlined UI has just hit the Google Play Store. Everything that you can see on your screen is customizable.

The android launcher that doesn’t mess around with that stock look and feel is the brilliant is the Lawnchair launcher. Also, you get a great selection of customization options basically everything you see can be tweaked.

You can keep the likes of the google feed if you download the separate loan feed plugin or ditch it entirely if you’d prefer. I like the selection of gesture shortcuts too which allow you to easily yank down that notifications panel hibernate the phone or load up your favorite app.

Widget is a great addition allowing you instant info on stuff like the current song that’s playing and I like the selection of gesture shortcuts too which allow you to easily yank down that notifications panel.

Download lawnchair launcher 

5. Microsoft launcher

Price: Free

Microsoft Arrow Launcher is an android launcher app developed by Microsoft. This android launcher has some excellent and useful features. It does not have any ‘new’ features, but still gives an Android user everything they need with such a tool. It also automatically deletes or merges duplicate contacts. This android launcher divides your screen into three parts.

In the middle, you are getting complete list of all the apps including which you use frequently and which you have used recently. Mobile contacts appear on the left part of the screen. On the screen on the right, you will find upcoming events in your working and alarm.

So you just need to slide your finger to see any upcoming alarms, birthdays, or meetings. In fact, you can also choose from the options to update Bing’s daytime image as wallpaper daily.

The latest update has improved the overall performance and added in some worthy new bits as well like a proper dark mode, making a slick and enjoyable launcher.

It’s not vastly different from standard android but with a pleasing aesthetic and some bonus bits, it is definitely one of the most neat and clean launchers.

Unlike blackberry’s effort, the microsoft launcher is completely free to use and enjoy for the rest of your existence and thankfully in version 6 they seem to have iron out most of the quirks and annoying little bits that I saw in the previous version.

So it’s definitely one of my more favorite options right now.

 Download Microsoft launcher 

6. Poco Launcher

Price: Free

Poco launcher 2.0 of course this is the default launcher that comes with all Poco phones but you can download it on any Android mobile because it’s also in the Play Store. At first glance it looks like any typical launcher a swipeable app drawer with widgets and icons on the home screen.

Now packing all of those great android 10 style features like a proper dark mode and if you’re unfamiliar with the poco launcher the main benefits are that it’s fast and light.

So it definitely won’t go draining your battery unexpectedly or also pilfering your phone’s resources. I definitely love the simple minimalist design that stock android layout hasn’t been molested at all.

It comes with plenty of cool little improvements, you’ve still got an apps tray, thankfully and this includes groups of icons, based on type. So you can quickly access all of your games messaging apps and so on.

Alternatively, you can also cluster them all based on the icon color if you prefer and you can also easily pull out that notifications bar by swiping down anywhere on the desktop which is particularly handy if your phone is enormous.

A simple swipe from the bottom corner can open a shortcut to cleanse the memory and speed things up and despite that simple layout there’s still a fairly respectable level of customization.

Poco launcher 2.0 is kind of limited in the customization stakes certainly compared with a lot of the other launchers that i’ll mention in this round up but if you just want something that’s neat tidy and fast then definitely check it out.

To get the look that you want, Poco launcher may not be the most feature packed launcher out there but it does have the essentials and it does a great job of implementing them.

 Download Poco launcher 

7. Smart Launcher

Price: Free

The another best android launcher that completely changes that stock Android experience is the smart launcher. Rather than furnishing you with their standard app store this time you get all manner of options for finding what you need.

The idea here is that your home page acts as a central hub you can fill it with icons, shortcuts to your favorite apps while swiping up reveals the app page where you’ll find all your stuff sorted into different categories.

You can add upto two rows of your favorite apps to the main desktop while the swipe bright reveals the rest of them.

If you swipe up, you can open the smart search panel which helps you to find contacts as well as any apps. By swiping right and you can open a widgets page and while swiping down a newsfeed powered by Microsoft News will open which unfortunately is pretty limited in its customization.

Thankfully all of these different pages can be rearranged or even removed entirely from within the smart launcher settings so you basically set up your handset however you like the layout. 

I do really like the stylish custom icons which could be allocated to your favorite apps predictably. In smart launcher you can also change the size and shape of the icons.

So you can set up your handset however you like and there is a shed load of customization options.

 Download Smart launcher 

8. Niagara Launcher

Price: Free

If you would rather declutter your desktops then maybe check out the Niagra launcher. The streamlined approach gets rid of all those grids of apps and instead you get a short list of your favorite apps.
After spending some time with this android launcher I think I might actually prefer the system to hide them everything away in an app straw. This launcher is very neat and efficient. Niagara makes life easier. If you like to play music or an audiobook some how many media controls will appear right there on the desktop for fast access.

You do get some simple customization in Niagara including the choice of light dark or ultra dark theme and for the settings panel however the UI is basically very straightforward so it’s not actually that much to tweak here.

Overall if you want something that’s quick and simple to use then Niagara launcher is pretty wonderful decision.

It’ll also prevent you from getting distracted when you just need to have a quick check of your emails or whatever, then Niagara is pretty wonderful.

 Download Niagara launcher 

9. Yandex launcher

Price: Free

Yandex Launcher is, as its name suggests, the official launcher of Yandex, perfect for customizing your Android smartphone according to your preferences and needs. Yandex launcher is also equipped by fast-paced animations that work well on older smartphones as well.
You can change various screen transition animations, change icons, remove notifications, and even use third-party icon packs. You can also find these icon packs in Yandex launcher.

One particularly interesting feature is the smart folders of Yandex Launcher. With smart folders, you can change the background color of folder and add your own widgets. Your folders can also approve popular apps, so you will never miss the latest. In this android launcher you can also search for apps by icon color.

Yandex Launcher is an excellent launcher for Android that provides a fast and customized experience on your smartphone model. .  

 Download Yandex launcher 

10. Apex Launcher

Price: Free

Apex Launcher is a launcher for Android which is equipped with interesting features that lets you customize your home screen on ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ devices.

Features available in this app for you include 9 customizable home screens where you have a dock with enough space for seven icons, the option of infinite scrolling anywhere on your device, different transition effects between screens, and some hiding Possibilities are included – elements such as a status bar or even dock.

Apart from this, you can also customize icons and folders, organize apps in different folders following different criteria, and customize gestures to use on screen. It may not be the most luxurious launcher you can find, but it is still very functional. .  

 Download Apex launcher 

So this was the list of top 10 best android launchers that are available on Google play Store. Now don’t forget to tell me your favorite 2 best android launchers.

Unfortunately, there are so many good launchers out there that are not in this list, if you think that I’ve missed out a few of your own personal favorites, then definitely feel free to tell me in the comments below.

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