Apple may organize two events for the launch of iPhone 12 series

Apple may organize two events for the launch of iPhone 12 series. The iPhone 12 and 12 max coming in mid october and the iPhone 12 pro and Pro Max coming in November. So yes apple is planning two events for the iPhone 12 series and that may be because of production delays due to COVID-19.

The base iPhone 12 is coming as low as $699 which is an insane price for the US because you will see flagship grade specifications and flagship grade software at just $699.

In comparison the Google Pixel 5 is expected to come at $650 and the oneplus 8 is also $699 right now. So Apple is definitely gonna nail it down with the starting price this year.

The base is 5.4 inch model which is like super handy phone it’s rare to see such small size flagship phone right now. The iPhone 12 Max is coming at 6.1 inches display and surprisingly, the iphone 12 Pro is also coming with same screen size.

There are a few differences in panels, likely made by LG vs Samsung, 4 GB of RAM vs 6 GB of RAM and dual cameras vs triple cameras with Lidar sensor and there’s a slight difference in the battery too.

Finally there’s iPhone 12 Pro Max with 6.7 inches massive display size, this sums up all the variants of iPhone 12 series.

What’s new in iPhone 12 series in comparison to last year’s iphone?

This time you may see a small notch, the notch contains selfie shooters and some face Id sensors. Exciting news is the iphone 12 base variant is coming with OLED display with I the same 720p resolution.

But LCD vs OLED makes a huge difference in the battery life as well. There’s gonna be A14 bionic which is based on 5nm process and it’s gonna be 40% more powerful than the A13 bionic silicon.

40% faster means really fast, the GPU as per leaks is gonna be 50% more powerful so playing games and all the graphics content is gonna be really really awesome.

In addition, there’s gonna be 4 GB of RAM in the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max, and 6 GB of RAM in the 12 Pro series. Their iOS 14 is quite heavy, so 6 GB of RAM is finally needed to keep all the applications in memory.

The disappointing part is 120 hertz display is not happening. Last minute leaks says apple is not going with pro motion 120 hertz displays. They’ll be using 60hz panels which is like super fine for iphone users because they think it’s already smooth.

But reality is it’s not great for a phone with $1000+ pricing. I mean there’s a huge gap in 60 hertz versus 120 hertz display and one would simply choose Note 20 ultra compared to iPhone 12 Pro Max for better display, and design.

On the back there are some major differences, Apple is using Lidar sensor in the 6.1 inches Pro and 6.7 inches Pro Max models and there’s also three cameras on these Pro variants.

So telephoto, wide angle along with the primary sensor we may also see some new changes in the software for camera functioning and some exclusive features too.

That’s all about the iPhone 12 series we know as of now there are so many leaks and so many rumors, but this sums up all. The iPhone 12 is coming at $699 dollar price, 12 max at $799 and the pro series starting $1000 and the Pro Max all the way to $1100.

I think most of the people will choose $699 iPhone 12 because there won’t be a pro motion display in the Pro Max series, so that makes a small gap. So the base iPhone 12 is gonna be next most selling smartphone in this world. The shocking part is apple won’t be including power brick inside the box.

Now which one are you planning to get? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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